Sunday, February 22, 2009

More mermaids.

This weekend, i could not resist making more mermaids!

The first is a bit of a full figured girl. She was created using a bright rainbow yarn for her bottom. Her hair is a deep blue mixed with rainbow mohair and her eyes are a bright green. It was her tail fin that inspired the gnomes below. :)

This gal is a bit more petite and short waisted. She has cream, light blue, purple a mossy colored green in her tail and dark green eyes. Her hair is a wild curly mess of purple and shimmery blue mohair. The purple yarn began to fray the minute i cut it, so i had to put knots at the end of each strand to keep it from totally frizzing out. i left a few with out the knots, and really like the way she turned out.

i also felt like my original mermaid needed something more. So i made her a mini me. :) i wanted to make a baby mermaid, but once the hair was added...the baby looked more like a pre-teen, attitude and all! Still a pretty cute set. :)

So now i must name them. Any suggestions? What are some good mermaid names?...besides the obvious, Ariel and Oceana. Leave me a comment and let me know, i would love to hear some feedback! These should eventually make their way to Etsy.


  1. Adorable as always! Some names that come to mind...
    Alepo'i (hawaiian for surf, or breaking wave)
    Pearl (or Pearly)

  2. My girls love these. Araina (my youngest) came up with some names...
    Rainbow Sparkle
    She also liked a lot of gemstone names.