Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My week in crochet.

This week i have been crocheting up a storm! Now i just need to get these listed on my site and on etsy. i love the crafting part, but i don't always love the picture taking/editing, computer and sales part.

i decided to finally finish a doll i had started many months ago. Her body was complete, but she needed hair and a smile and clothing. i think i'll call her Nina. She is wearing a wrap style sweater and purple skirt. i'm planning to embroider a few flowers or vines on the skirt. Once i have a few better pictures taken, i'll get her listed.

i also started a new doll, with the intention of improving the body shape of my previous dolls. This new style has feet! i am also looking forward to putting the hair on differently. i'll be using the same technique i used with the waldorf doll i made Sage. So this new doll with have a big crazy head full of hair, similar to the mermaid.

Hats! Yes, it is an addiction. i love to make hats!! So after clearancing off all of last years hats, i am stocking up again. The mohawks are always a favorite, so i am finally getting around to making some more and getting them listed soon. i also have several kitty ear and fuzzy fox ear hats. After cleaning out my hat stock, it will not be long before i am completely over loaded with hats again!

These, as well as a few others will be listed on my site sometime this week.

Happy crocheting!


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