Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Needle felting.

i have just recently started getting back into needle felting. i am eager for spring, and eager to begin setting up my spring nature table. Sage is at the age where she really enjoys playing with the acorn faires and little felt people i've created over the last few years. Unfortunately she is also rather rough on them, pulling off the acorn caps and gnome beards. So i wanted to make a few new faeries and nature folk for my table.

This little gnome was heavily inspired by one i saw from Enchanted Gypsy. This mama makes the most amazing felted creations. This little gnome is the first thing i have ever needle felted. i am quite proud of him. However, after finishing him i took a break and didn't felt again for quite some time.

Yesterday i decided i needed some figures for my table, and so i began this faerie. i still need to put a bit more work into her, but i like that her dress is lightly felted and flowy.

i also felted these eggs to put in our birds nest. The nest spent the winter empty, i am probably a bit early...but i like seeing it full of eggs. i am not ready to take down my winter table, but am slowly transitioning to spring.

i forgot how much i enjoyed the felting, and can not wait to see what other magic folks and things are hiding in the wool, just waiting to be found.


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