Friday, February 20, 2009

Rainbow Gnomes

These little gnomes came to be, in a very round about way. i was actually crocheting mermaids, but i miscounted the stitches in one of the tail fins. i was just about to pull the stitches out, when i realized it looked an awful lot like a gnome hat. :) i am a sucker for gnomes, ya know. So i put it aside with the intention of coming back to it.

i eventually picked it and began to crochet a gnome to go with the hat. i wanted to make something simple, and was expecting him to have a flat bottom. However, once i added stuffing he quickly took on this bowling pin shape.

Sage claimed him immediately.

Now what could be better than a rainbow gnome? How about a rainbow of gnomes. :)

Seriously, how could you make just one? These were so much fun to make! They measure about 4" tall. If i can ever get Sage to stop claiming them i will probably offer some sets for sale. i was thinking it would fun to offer them as gift sets in a small applique'd tote bag or basket.

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