Monday, March 9, 2009

Felting and Farmyards.

i've been playing around with felting a bit more, and created this mama and baby set which Sage just adores. i used a wire armature, so she is fully posable.

The sling and baby are removable and she stands about 3" tall. i am getting ready to start a papa figure to go with them.

i recently came across information about this book called The Knitted Farmyard. i was totally blown away by all the pictures i've seen and can not wait to get my hands on this book. (our library doesn't have it , doh!) Although i don't knit...i am hoping to create something similar with crochet. The farmyard is created by knitting (or crocheting) the base, and then embellishing it with pom-poms and latch hook to give it the three dimensional trees, grass and scrubs. This is something i know Sage would adore! The people and animals are truly amazing...and this may be the inspiration i need to finally teach myself to knit.

i have a few squares started for the farmyard, but then decided i really needed a goat. So i created this guy. He still needs a bit of work (he still doesn't have eyes), but i am quite happy with him. You can expect to see a few more farmyard animals in future as well as pictures of my farmyard play mat as it begins to take shape.


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