Friday, March 27, 2009

More dolls.

This week my focus has been on dolls. A local friend had seen the Waldorf Style doll i made Sage for Yule, and asked if i would be interested in creating a custom doll. She was looking for a Chinese looking doll, for a friend who had recently adopted a baby girl from China. Even though i'm still a bit intimidated by this style of doll making, i felt like i was up for the challenge.

She is still incomplete, but came together well. Her face will be simple hand embroidered, with slightly elongated eyes, to give her an Asian look. i'm am still working on her hair, which is added strand by strand, and is the most time consuming part of making these dolls. She will have crocheted Mary Jane style slippers, and probably fingers and toes that are stitched

i'm pretty happy with how she came together, and am looking forward to finishing her up and beginning a new one. i will post pictures again when she is completed.

i took a break on the Waldorf Style doll to make a new Rag doll. After making the Whimsey dolls last week, i knew i had to create some rags again. i forget how much i love to make these. You can expect to see a few more in the next couple of weeks.

This is not the original outfit i made for this doll, and am not sure that she will keep it. She is still a work in progress, one of my favorite part of making these dolls is adding all the fun details. i also tried a new approach to adding the hair on her, and need to work on it a bit too. i am thinking she will probably have bangs and will get a bit of a haircut.

These projects have kept me pretty busy this week, and i am hoping to have them finished up this weekend or early next week. Of course having unfinished projects never stops me from starting something new when inspiration hits!

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  1. your dolls are soo nice! the waldorf doll is beautiful! Great job mama