Sunday, March 22, 2009

Slave to the Flame.

Here is some of Kenan's latest work.
There are so many times that his glass work is made one day and sent out the next. He tries to photograph as much of it as possible for his archive but occasionally some if it gets away unrecorded. He works with a number of dealers and wholesalers so the vast majority of his work is not seen by the general public and shows up in a few select niche markets. Even though he is trying to retail as much of his own work as is possible it the wonderful wholesalers that really keep the glass moving. Many thanks to all the great glass aficionados out there.

This is the newest batch of pendants being sent out to Japan. These pictures have a terrible glare, and really don't do them justice. If you ever end up in Osaka Japan, go check out Fool the Hermit. You will find the largest collection in the world of Kenan's glass work.

Kenan has recently begun to add etched dichro designs behind his classic the honeycombs, and finish of the backs of the pendants with swirly color designs. This really adds to the design adding visual layers, and creating a miniature work of art.

He has been working extra hours every evening trying to save up some stock for the Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas - April 3-5. He will be spending much of the coming week creating new pendants, beads, and marbles for this show. This will be his first time in Las Vegas.

He has also been working on creating some new variations in his marbles. Specifically, this new style of fumed vortex has been evolving nicely. This is his biggest marble to date, measuring a whopping 3 1/4". It can be found on ebay this week:

Hopefully after the upcoming Las Vegas show Kenan will be able to update his web site with new available marbles and pendants. Until then - he truely is a slave to the flame.


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