Friday, April 23, 2010

Chasing butterflies...

So, after what seemed like a never ending winter, spring has finally arrived. We have been enjoying good weather for the past three weeks, and i can not tell you how glad i was to see the snow finally leave and see the butterflies return.

The first to be spotted was a Comma butterfly, to quick to have it's picture taken. The second was a Mourning cloak, who also managed to elude me.

The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail was the third to arrive, and the delicious smell of peach blossoms kept it here for some time. Giving me many gorgeous photo opportunities.

This little butterfly is a new one for me. i haven't gotten him identified yet, but i believe it to be a checker spot.

The pearl Crescent is a common visitor in our yard & garden.

i believe this is Horace's Dusky wing, although many of the Dusky wings looks quite similar.

A female Eastern Tiger swallowtail. The males are always yellow, but females have a yellow and a black form.

The Eastern tiger swallowtails are everywhere right now. The are on blooming lilacs and hawthorns, landing on dandelions and blooming ground ivy. Although i have a million pictures of them, every time one flutters by i grab my camera.

These early spring days are may favorite. Sitting outside watching the birds, soaking up the sunshine and chasing butterflies.


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