Friday, May 21, 2010

Still here, just doing our thing.

i've have been having a rough time updating lately. i have said before that i'm a crappy blogger, and that's not an apology...i'm just stating facts. :) i like posting pictures and sharing projects, but other than that i really don't have a lot to say. :)
Our life is very laid back and slow paced. Many folks, i'm sure would find it very boring...which is fine by me. We keep ourselves quite busy working, planting, working, playing and chasing the occasional butterfly.

Kenan finally bought himself a truck. It's an '85 ford, and it just screams 'redneck'. :) Seriously, we are talking confederate flag floor mats, and little skulls on the door locks and the dreaded 'Farm use' plate :)

As much as i really dislike BIG trucks. i do admit, it has come in rather handy. We have a hookup for free firewood, the trees are already downed. So all week Kenan has been out there cutting and hauling. There is some security knowing we are already completely set for next winter. The truck has also come in quite handy for hauling manure and mulch. Kenan has a hook up for that too, and brought home a load of seasoned horse manure, and a load of seasoned cow manure. He also came home with a nice load of 'hot' cow manure that we added to our compost. i never thought i'd get so excited about poop. ha ha.

i'm struggling this year to get my summer garden planted, although my spring garden is doing well. My spinach, arugala and romaine bolted as soon as the weather turned warm. My leaf lettuces, kale, broccoli, peas, potatoes and chard are still doing good and we are enjoying fresh salads almost every night. Sage loves to help to pick lettuce, and both kids love the fresh baby greens.

i love pictures like this. Just a little reminder of why we do what we do. It's rewarding to look at the picture and know exactly where it came from.

Our, berry season is just beginning but i'm anticipating a good one. The red raspberries have spread everywhere and are completely loaded. The blackberries are flowering, the blueberries looks incredible. Our strawberries have just begun to ripen, and although we are still struggling to keep the chickens and birds out of them, i think we are going to have a good amount this year. We were again blessed with about 50 new plants, traded with a neighbor for some of our red raspberry runners. Instead of planting them with our other berries we are trying some new things with them.

We have some bordering the edge of our main garden, some in a raised bed, some in a large half barrel type pot, and some hanging in a 'strawberry bag.' So hopefully one of these days, we'll finally get them established. i also transplanted a bunch of wild strawberries into a small bed. i would love to get them established as well. They are already sending out runners.
i came across this tutorial for covered strawberry boxes in Countryside magazine. As long as we allow our chickens to free range, we are going to need to build something like this in order to protect our berries.

i would love to make a batch of strawberry jam, but in all honestly we just really love to eat the berries fresh....with out any sugar added. So, i'm not sure i can bring myself to use up that many for jam...which is like 75% sugar. Not this year, anyway. :)

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  1. hee hee hee I love the little skull door locks!!!!
    I think your life sounds lovely! Not boring at all.