Friday, July 23, 2010

An apology, a thank you..and a favor request. :)

So, first i wanted to give a quick apology. When folks comment on my blog posts, i receive an email notification showing the comment. i have just been hitting the reply button and replying back. Sometimes i get a return email, and sometimes i don't...but i never really thought much of it. So earlier this week, i went to reply to a comment and for the first time noticed the reply address comes up as . So apparently folks have not been getting my replies. Oops. i am so sorry.
It's strange because it's not everyone, as i have received some replies back. i tried re-replying to a couple different comments and some do come up with an email address, while others come up as no-reply.
So if you have wondered why i have never replied to your comment, now you know, i did..or at least i thought i had.
i will work on replying back to many of you later this week.

So know i wanted to ask a favor. :) Many of you have already read and replied to my post Where we are going, and where we have been.
i told you all that the post had been written for the contest at Hip Mountain Mama. Well, voting is if you enjoyed my post i would really appreciate your vote :)
You can vote here on the Hip Mountain Mama Blog.

To vote, scroll down to the very bottom of the page where it says leave a comment.
i am #13 The Enchanted Tree All you have to do is write #13 in the comment to vote for me. You can vote three times, so you can leave three comments that say #13 or you can vote for three different entries (there are some nice ones!)

Lastly, i wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has already voted for me! i know many of you have been on this journey with us throughout the years, following along on the ol' Stitchin' Bitches Yahoo group, or through our websites, facebook and now this blog.
Your support is very appreciated.


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