Friday, July 16, 2010

What's growing now.

....another Garden update. :) Here is what's growing July 16th.

My first ripe tomatoes. It's a little yellow pear, on a rather sad potted tomato plant. i have a ton of big, beautiful green tomatoes, but this is my only ripe one.

Pickles! That's what the kids call them. So far they are doing well, except for a bit of powdery mildew. i'm treating it with a milk spray (1 part milk, 9 parts water) If it doesn't improve i'm going to try Greencure.

We have been getting yellow wax beans for a while now, my purple are almost ready to pick. i have scarlet runners just begining to bloom, and my October beans are budded.

Hops vines are flowering.

So do you remember the post where my daughter planted feathers so we could grow more chickens? Well, apparently it worked! This was our surprise of the day. i went out to the shed to get feed for the animals, and heard peeping. i moved some of the hay and found a hen and peeps! So far, 4 have hatched, and mama hen is still setting on another 4 eggs. So tomarrow we will take a peek and see how many chickens we grew. :)


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