Thursday, September 30, 2010

fairy tea sets and fairy repairs.

The temperatures really dropped this past week, and we finally got a bit of rain...and have been stuck inside. Every year when the season changes, i get bit by the crafting bug. Even though i have lots of unfinished projects, i can't seem to help my self from starting new ones.

i have also been trying to fix up a few things that needed repairs. Sage's little bendy faeries fell victim to Rufus the beagle puppy. One night, he pulled almost everything off of my nature table and destroyed it all. He completely chewed up all my acorns and pine cones. He chewed the ends off of the stackable rainbow and broke several of the ceramic mushrooms. :( He also got a hold of Sage's faeries and chewed the caps and faces off of them.

So yesterday i figured out which were still salvageable and went to work fixing them up. i replaced acorn caps and hair, and re-drew faces. Most of them look good as new. The faerie in purple has some permanent chew damage on her face, but is otherwise fine. :) She still needs an acorn cap, but i didn't have one big enough for her head. This weekend we'll go out hiking and collect some more.

My latest obsession is painting all these little wooden things, and putting together play sets for my girl. These are all inspired by the Etsy shop The Enchanted Cupboard, which i've had my eye of for a while. i have always loved all the little details in these playsets, and felt like i could paint and create my own...but had no idea where to purchase the little wooden pieces. To my surprise, i recently found some at Micheal's craft store. You can also find them at Hobby Lobby, although i don't have one can purchase from them online. They have an entire section with lovely little wooden blanks. Some are obvious things like bowls and bottles and rolling pins...while many others are nothing more than wooden plugs or rounds. It just takes a bit of imagination to see what they can become. The mushroom stools are made using a 1"wooden round and a candle cup glue together. The table is a wooden spool, with a 2" wooden disc on top.

The little faerie cakes are made from wooden button plugs, and i made some loaves of bread using a larger sized button. i do need to work on my painting skills. :) i don't have a good paintbrush and have been using the kids big stiff plastic ones. i need to get a really fine and thin one so i can paint details, and clean up the sloppy edges.

MMmmm....faerie cakes. :)

i created the details on these bowls and cupcakes with a gel pen.

The honey pot is made using a candle cup, and i put a big squirt of hot glue in it to look like overflowing honey. So many possibilities!

i picked up a black wooden box/purse at Michael's to store the finished playset in. i still have to paint and decorate it, but i do have a lot of ideas! i'm going to start a mermaid 'under the sea' playset when i get this one finished up.

Most of the wooden pieces come in sets of 4-8 pieces. So i have lots of extra rolling pins, milk jugs, cakes etc. i have a feeling our nieces and friends' little girls will be getting similar sets for birthdays and Yule. :)

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