Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Hallow's Weekend.

i'm behind on my posting, so i'm going to skip the Wordless Wednesday for this week. i have too many pictures, and too many words to go with them. :)

This weekend we enjoyed an extended Halloween celebration. Halloween is my favorite of all the holidays. i love the costumes, the decorations and of course the candy. :) This year, for the first time in years... i didn't dress up. i didn't even decorate as much as i usually do, but still wanted to make Halloween extra special.

So we started the weekend with some spooky pancakes.

These are my sad attempts at skull and Jack-o-lantern pancakes. They were not perfect, but the kids loved them anyway. These are made by simple spooning some batter down on the hot griddle to make the faces first, let that brown and then quickly pouring the rest of the batter to make a pumpkin or skull shape. You have to dump and spread immediately or different areas will darken faster than others. Let the pancakes brown only slightly and then flip them. The original batter will be darker than the rest of the pancakes making the face.
My mother used to always make us smiley face pancakes growing up, and i remembered this trick from her.

By breakfast time my girl was already in her first costume of the day.

Our spooky breakfast was followed by a spooky lunch. There are so many fabulous spooky foods ideas online. i wish i had planned a head a little better, so i would have had ingredients to do a bit more. Our skull sandwich is peanut butter and jelly. You cut the skull shape out of the bread first, and then apply your peanut butter and jelly. i make sure there is extra jelly where the eyes are. Then make a cut on the top layer of bread where the mouth is, and add marshmallow teeth.
The frog eyes, are green grapes stuffed with raisins. The fingers are baby carrots, with red pepper nails...stuck on with a bit of hummus. You can get rather creative with these and do different combinations, like slivered almonds and peanut butter if your kids don't eat red peppers/hummus.

Dinner was mummy 'veggie dogs'. We used the Lightlife Smart dogs and a package of crescent rolls. My mummy bandages kind of baked all together, but these can be done really well and look more mummyish if you wrap them right.

by the afternoon, my girl had changed costumes.

When it was finally time to get dress, Sagie decided on this Barbie island princess dress. This was a goodwill score i purchased when she only two. hee hee. My boy went with a classic Darth Vader, this costume was a hand me down gift from a friend.

All ready to go!

Hillsville had it's Halloween celebration on Sat. this year. i really like their 'Safe Halloween' They close off the streets, and the area businesses hand out candy. They have a couple of bounce houses, and simple carnival games. It's all free and the kids can win prizes and bounce as much as they like. We always go early, before it gets really crowded and before the big kids in the scary costumes come out.

This is always fun for the kids, and something we look forward to. i think it's really nice that Hillsville puts this together for the kids. They also have hayrides, costume judging and folks selling hotdogs and snacks and such. It makes for a really nice family event.

This year because Hillsville's Halloween was on Saturday and Floyd was having it's Halloween on Sunday...we decided to have a double Halloween. So we went out again, not because we needed more candy...but just for a chance to dress up again and have some fun.

This was actually the first time i've taken the kids door to door in town. This is how i always trick or treated as a kid, so it was fun to relive it a little. There were a lot of cars on the roads, and very few sidewalks which made me a bit nervous when it started getting really dark. i was actually pretty annoyed that there were so many folks out driving around on Halloween night. It was extremely dark out and there were so many kids walking in the road. The houses that were passing out candy were few and far inbetween, so we had to cross over several times. i was also not thrilled with the folks passing out the religious propaganda along with the pixie sticks. i mean seriously, don't hand out candy and then tell the kids they are going to go to hell for it. If you don't like Halloween do us all a favor and stay home.
Growing up we walked through neighborhoods and subdivisions, and you really didn't have to worry about cars...or receiving bibles instead of candy. It was a fun/interesting experience because it was something new, but i think i still prefer the safe Halloween in Hillsville.

i hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!


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