Monday, November 22, 2010

Busy, busy...

i have a really tough time naming my blog posts. :)

Lately, i've had a hard time writing posts as well.
i am however finally getting a handful of bendy dolls made up. i have intentions of getting these listed on Etsy or doing a holiday craft show...but until then, i just keep making them.

Here's a few new ones. This is the pink fairy. $12 shipped first class.

Purple haired mermaid. $12 shipped first class.

Holiday Elf. $12 shipped first class.
This is the Purple fairy. $12 shipped first class.

Also working on making Pegusas. :) Will have these available in sets with fairies, gnomes or elves...the unicorns too.

Here's a peek at what my husband has been making. These are all on there way to Osaka, Japan. There is a sweet little store their called Fool the Hermit, that has been a major supporter of Tiemeyer Glass since the very beginning. We are always grateful for their support.

more pretties heading to Japan..

Some of these are going to Japan too, but a few of these are currently available on Etsy.

Just a quick post to let ya all know what we've been working on.
My folks will be here in two days, and i have lots of house cleaning to do and need to get my menu ready for Thursday. We are having our traditional Feast of Favorites. This will be the first time my folks will be spending it with us. So it should be nice.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. I'm so in love....each one of your creations makes me smile. I hope to get more some day. Love the energy!

  2. LOVE your hubbies glass as always!! I really need to get another pendent one of these days! & thanks for the addictive bendy doll habit! I am seriously addicted to making them, only problem is I cant seem to put faces on them or make them clothes :cO Im just diggin the ole natural look ~ hehe ~

  3. Have fun with your family.
    Oh, and let me know when the unicorns and Pegasus sets are available. I know two little girls in Switzerland who may have space in their fairy kingdom for some new guests!