Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Background.

This morning i spent a bit of time looking for a new background for my blog. It just seemed to need one. i came across a couple several i really liked, and had a hard time picking one. i ended up putting one of my favorites on my personal/family blog here. Cute eh? i wasn't sure whether to put that one here or there, but felt like it matched that page better.
So what do you think about this one? Is it difficult to read? Is the background distracting? i've played around with the font and colors trying to make it easy to read, but nothing seemed to help much. i'm just not sure how i feel about it and would love some feedback. i love the lighter center space in the other background, it makes the writing pop out more....but i love the colors on this one. So what are you thoughts? Okay? or too distracting?

Would love some feedback!

Thanks folks!! i went ahead and removed the background. It was only loading correctly about 50% of the time for me, and then it seemed a bit distracting. Thank you for the feed back!


  1. it's not loading properly for me.

    however, I think I prefer a solid background.

  2. It takes a long time to load. Personally I am not a fan of backgrounds. BUT it is YOUR BLOG so you do what YOU like!! :)

  3. i like it loaded fine for me and the print seems easy to read on the's actually kind of soothing. ☺

  4. It loaded fine for me. I do like both but the one on your personal family blog is my favorite and I agree with you it makes the words stand out more.I say chose what feels right for you :o)