Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Yule Tree

For the past 10 years we have always had a live tree to celebrate Yule.
We've had three trees total, i believe. After the holidays are over we replant the tree outside, and the next year we dig it up and bring it back inside again. We do this until the tree is too large to bring in, and then we go out and chose a new one. The tree becomes a part of our family for a few weeks each year, and we always look forward to bringing it back inside the next year. It's like a familiar friend to spent the holidays with.

This was Yule tree from a few years back, it was the last time this tree came inside with us. It had grown too tall, and really filled in the following year. It is now growing nicely on our property and has become home to birds and other critters.

This was our newest tree. It was inside for Yule 2008 and Yule 2009. It was short and squat and smelled absolutely fabulous! i truly loved it. We were hoping to bring it inside again this year.

Earlier this year, we had about an acre of land cleared. We planted clover, and will eventually use part of the area for goat pasture and part for a small orchard. The folks that did the cutting did a good job. They didn't clear cut, but instead took down select trees. It really opened up the area, and opened up a lot of possibilities.
Unfortunately our Yule tree was planted on the edge of the yard/woods where they were doing the cutting. It was near the kids tree house and still in our yard, so it never occurred to me that it would be in harms way. When the cutting was done, i went out to assess the damage and that's when i saw our Yule tree. It had been backed over by one of the big machines, and broken right at the base. :(

The kids are eager to get out our holiday decorations, and even though Dec. has just begun, i am already missing the presence of our Yule tree. We haven't decided yet whether to replace it, or hold off until next year. There is a chance we won't be home for the holidays. So it seems a bit silly to put up a tree, and yet it seems odd not too. Decorating our tree in pinecones, handblown glass icicles and gingerbread has always been one of my favorite traditions.


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