Friday, December 10, 2010

A few more for the Winter Kingdom.

This has been such a fun set to create! This week i worked on making a few winter Gnomes and a snowflake fairy. These fabulous gnomes have already sold, but the snowflake fairy is available.

My embroidery isn't perfect, but it's getting better. :) These are supposed to be simple snowflakes embroidered on her wings and dress.

i want to note that she has a tiny blue 'beauty mark' just under her eye on the left and above her mouth. If you click the picture you may be able to see it. It is very tiny, and barely noticeable. It's not bad enough for me to consider her a second, but i still wanted to note it.
She is $12.

Although this girl isn't plum colored or a fairy...i'm still calling her my Sugar Plum fairy. It just seemed the perfect name. She was created a bit different than the others, her skirt being made of lace instead of felt. The silver ribbon around the skirt and in her hair has wire running through it.
She is also $12

i also finished up these two mermaids earlier this week.
They are $12 each.

Please note, that all of my bendy dolls are intended for children aged 3 and up. They do contain small parts, and are made with pipe cleaners that contain wires.

If your interested in any of these just let me know. i'm thinking about getting some of them listed on etsy later today. Just haven't quite decided whether it's worth the hassle. :)

Hope you are all staying warm!


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