Saturday, January 29, 2011

A few Princess Fairy Dolls.

i just finished up a few new bendy dolls. Three little princesses.

Sage seems to think i need to make a Fairy Princess, so that is what you can expect to see next . :)

Pink and Purple Princess, light brown/auburn hair blue eyes.
$12 shipped first class.

Red-headed Princess in purple with green eyes.
$12 shipped first class.

Pink Princess with Blond Hair and Blue eyes.
$12 shipped first class.

Any of the princesses i listed above are available as a set with the Pegasus for $25.
The fairy in this picture is sold, but i wanted to show the size of the dolls with the Pegasus.

What other types of bendy dolls would you like to see next? i'm thinking i need to make a few more boys...kings, wizards, and a few knight/horse sets.
Would love some feedback!


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