Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sage's New (to us) Play Kitchen DIY

A few years ago i found Sage her first play kitchen on freecycle. It was big, plastic and it was supposed to light up and make noise, but didn't. i thought it would be fine for a first kitchen. i really like the idea of getting one used, rather than purchasing one new. Especially if it wasn't something she was going to really play with. i figured that if she did play with it a lot, i could always find something a little better later on.

Well Sage definitely loved playing with her kitchen, and after a while it started to fall apart. So last year i started looking around for something different. i really wanted to get away from cheap plastic crap, so i began to look for some alternatives.
Now if money wasn't issue, i would have loved to have gotten this one from Hip Mountain Mama. i spent a lot of time drooling over this one.

i love the simplicity, and that it's natural and made in the USA!

i also came across this one from Guidecraft. Although it's a bit too pink. i love the whimsical feel, and i knew it was something Sage would love. However, it was still not something we could really afford. i was feeling a bit discouraged and then started looking up plans for building her a home made kitchen.
A few years ago i made Sequoia a Farmer's Market from a used bookcase we found at a thrift store for $3. So i knew it was totally possibly to make something awesome. So i started checking the thrift stores and looking around Craigslist for the perfect piece of furniture to transform into an adorable little play kitchen.

As luck has it, i found a used wooden play kitchen.

i scored this beautiful solid wood play kitchen for $30. It was pretty much exactly what i was looking for! i love that it's small, study and compact.
As, much as i love the simplicity, i also wanted to embellish it just a bit.

While moving around some misc. stuff on my craft table i came across these wall stickers i had purchased ages ago. i'd found them at the dollar store, with the intention of using them in Sage's room (once she has a room).
They were absolutely perfect!!

The little banner across the top says, " Light fades... stars appear...fairy dust is sprinkled here"

i am so thrilled with how it turned out! Even though part of me loves the natural kitchens, the colors and fairies on this are just perfect for her.

She loves it! Before finding this one, i had bookmarked a few sites that had tutorials for making play kitchens.

This DIY play kitchen came from They show you how to make a play kitchen from an old entertainment system! Pretty cool eh? Way too big for our house, but still pretty neat.

This one i found on the Wee Gallery Blog is pretty fancy, and made from an unfinished wood 2-cube shelf from Joanne's. i think you'd need a bit of skill to pull this one off. It's an awesome kitchen though.

The last one is is very nice and simple. i think just about anyone could make this. It's a small play kitchen made from a used nightstand, and you can find the complete tutorial on Flicker.

We totally lucked out by finding this one. It really is just perfect. Even if you are not able to find your perfect kitchen used, you can make it yourself!

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  1. So cute! I wish I had your luck for scoring good deals and winning giveaways! John made my girls a play kitchen for christmas, I'll post a pic on fb when I get around to downloading them. My girls are a little older so they needed something that didn't require them kneeling down to play :o). Still working on the felt food list they made for me to go with it!!The fairy stickers you had are a perfect match for the set,I am sure Sage loves it!