Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doll Progress :)

Just had to share my doll progress. i am so in love with making these! i truly cannot wait until i can order real doll making materials, but until then i have been enjoying making them out of scrap materials i have around the house.

i took a special trip to town to find some lovely wool yarns to use as hair, and was completely disappointed. i found a basic brown yarn, but nothing else that would work. So, i decided to play around with some of scrap yarn ( i have a bin just full of little balls of misc colors) and make a doll wig. This isn't sewn on, it's to get some ideas about how i would like to do the hair on these. The yarns are mostly acrylic, but i love the way they look!! It gave me amuch better idea about what types of yarn i am looking for. i was happy about the way the doll looked without hair, but once i put the wig on her...i knew she was going to beautiful!!

Here is a picture of the full doll. She is 12" tall. i still have a few tweet to work out with the pattern and learning to sew a little straighter. :) Tomorrow i'm going to work on making her some clothing.

This was the third 'practice' doll i made, the first one from the hemp fabric. The one i posted above was the last doll i made. You can see in this one that my legs were a bit small and not quite right. i think i figured it out though, and it looks much better in the other doll. i also had some problems with her neck. If you look in the last doll post, you'll notice she had a weak chin and a thick neck. i played around today and added some stitches, and really improved the look of her chin and neck. After that, i knew i had to make her a wig as well.

Again these acrylics, and i'm a bit torn whether to keep them and sew them on permanently or wait until i have some pretty wool.

She was so pretty with her pink hair, that i had to make her a matching outfit.
Seeing these finally coming together makes me really optimistic about investing in the materials. i have been wanting to make Waldorf style dolls for many years, but have been to intimated to seriously try. i really feel like this is something i can do. i feel very passionate about it, and love the time spent molding the head and hand stitching the pieces. You truly begin to feel very connected to each doll.

So, i am really hoping to get my materials ordered this week, and then i will be diving into this new venture. i would love to eventually find a local source for the wool stuffing, and i've been talking to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law about possible spinning the wool for the hair and knitting tiny sweaters.

i feel like it has been a long time coming.

You'll be seeing more dolls in the coming weeks, i hope you enjoy seeing their progress.


  1. It's amazing what you can do with "scrap" materials!
    I really want to support you in this. They are wonderful and beautiful. I've looked at Waldorf dolls for my daughter for 3 years now and they're so expensive! I'd never say they're not worth it. Make sure you charge enough.
    I hope I can buy from you too when the time comes.
    Have fun!!

  2. I agree! Your handiwork continues to amaze and impress me. They are really cute!

  3. The dolls are adorable!!