Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bendy doll sale.

i'm marking down my bendy dolls a bit, in hopes of earning a bit of money to purchase more doll making supplies.
i'm finding that making the dolls themselves is not difficult for me at all, however finishing them is proving to be quite a challenge. Although i have skeins of lovely wool yarn...none of them are 'perfect' for the dolls i have made. i feel like to really get the look that i want i need to have 3-4 skeins per doll in different textures and shades. So the hair isn't plain and flat looking. i want it to have streaks, textures and colors...similar to the two i made with the acrylic. So, right now, i'm working to build up my yarn stash. i've been drooling over all the fabulous yarns on Etsy, but can't quite afford to be spending that much just on hair. Sigh....

So here is a couple new bendy doll that i made a week or so ago. Normally i have these priced at $12 each, first class shipping included (US only). For the next week or so, i'm dropping the price to $10 each, first class shipping included (US only).
This is my latest little Earth Gnome Girl.

The picture on this one isn't the best. It's raining and overcast, and i just couldn't get a better picture. Her shirt is dark pink, and her top is light pink. Her legs are light/dark pink stripped, she has pink hair, blue eyes and an acorn cap hat. She's $10.

As another incentive, every order will come with either a baby bendy (like pictured above) or a painted toadstool ( like first picture). You chose. This is per order, not per doll. So if you order 3 dolls, you would only receive one baby or toadstool. If it's a large order i may add in a couple extra goodies. :)

To see what Bendy dolls i have available, you can visit my Facebook For Sale Album and you can also check my website. i believe i still have most of the bendy dolls that are listed there, but i'll go through and make sure it is all updated later today.

All dolls that are priced $12 are on sale for $10. If you your interested in a set or one of the higher priced Bendy dolls just drop me a line and i can make you a deal. Thanks for all of your support!!


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