Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter's not over...

Just when i really start getting into Spring mode, Father Winter deals us another harsh blow. Yesterday we woke up to this....snow.

okay, so i wasn't really that surprised. Every year i take a similar picture, my daffodils all knocked down and covered in snow. Some years they are covered in a layer ice, either way they almost always recover. We will get another hard frost/freeze and possibly snow right about the time the peach trees and blueberries begin to bloom.

This is my poor cherry tree that was covered in bloom. For years we though this this was purely ornamental as it didn't produce fruit and it didn't grow like a regular cherry tree. Then, rather unexpectedly, last year it had cherries on it. It only had a few, and they were small...but sweet. After a bit of research, i finally figured out that it is a Nanking Cherry. Which grows more like a shrub than a tree. It is a favorite to edible landscapers, because of it's small compact size, edible fruits and it can be grown as as hedge/screen. Although they sometimes self pollinate, you should really plant more than one to ensure proper pollination. Had our little cherry tree not self-pollinated last year, we never would have realized that it was a fruit bearing tree. So now we are on the hunt for a couple more of these cherry shrubs. The fruits can be eaten raw, or cooked into jams and pies. It is also a favorite snack for song birds, making it a nice shrub for those trying to create wildlife habitats in their yards.

Sage began begging to go out and play in it as soon as she woke up. She ran, jumped, and rolled around in it. She made a snow angel, sledded down the goat hill, and attempted to make a snow man (there was only bout 2" of snow). We played until our toes were froze.

One last magical winter moment before the sun begins to melt it all. Then we will go back to dreaming about gardens and flowers and butterflies and all things Spring.

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  1. oh, those yellow daffodils under the snow...
    This one was poetry...