Thursday, April 21, 2011

Planting Trees for Earth Day

Earth Day is this Friday, April 22nd. We tend to live by the Philosophy that everyday is Earth Day. So we don't really do anything to out of the norm for Earth day. We spend most of Earth Day outside playing in the dirt and planting things (just like everyday)...whether it be trees or flowers or vegetables. We also usually pick this day to go on a recycle/garbage pick up. We usually do that about once a month or so, so we try to make sure in April to do it on Earth Day.

A popular way of celebrating Earth Day is to plant a tree. This year we have planted many, although we are a bit ahead. These were all put in last week. We are working on planting our small orchard, and have been blessed with several tree starts from a few of our neighbors.

We had several small peach trees coming up under our main tree. We bartered a 6' peach tree baby for two small (2') plum trees. We bartered another peach tree for an old timey Kieffer pear tree. This one was a 6 year old tree and already quite large, so i am hoping that it will begin producing next year. Kieffer pears are what we had over the summer and they canned absolutely wonderfully. We also have a MoonGlow and a Bartlet Pear tree that are around 4 years old, but have never produced. Pears typically begin producing around 4-6 years, so we should start seeing pears in the next couple years.

The same friend that brought us the Kieffer pear tree came back with two old timey Black Heart Cherry Trees. Kenan has been working hard to keep the tree protected from deer, watered and mulched. They are leafing out, growing well and appear to be very healthy trees. This weekend we'll be purchasing and planting 3 new Blueberry bushes to add to our Blueberry patch.

Plant a Tree for Earth day!
Did you know that Lowes is giving away 1 million free trees on Earth Day. You might want to call ahead and make sure your store is participating.

Arbor Day foundation will give you 10 free trees with membership ($10). You can choose between Flowing trees, Wild Bird Garden, Autumn Classics and more! Enter your zip code and it will show you several tree packages that will grow in your area. My Nanking Cherry is one that came from Arbor Day. :) If you don't have space to plant trees you can also choose to have 10 trees planted at a National Forest in your honor. Pretty cool eh?

So what are you waiting for?? Go plant a tree!

Have a Wonderful Earth Day!


  1. We'll do it!!!
    I've been so busy and overwhelmed, I didn't do any writing about Earth Day or thinking about it, but you've inspired me.
    We'll go and get a tree to plant!
    It'll be so good for my girl and we can talk about Earth Day.
    We're probably going to have to move, so I wasn't wanting to do anything more here, but it really just makes it better somehow. More about the earth and not just my own benefit.

  2. totally didnt know that about Lowe's will be calling ours tomorrow. : )