Friday, April 29, 2011

Seeds of Change- Sowing Millions Project.

A few weeks ago, Seeds of Change gave away 100 million organic seeds in the Sowing Millions Project. Individuals would receive 25 packets of seeds and pay only $4.99 shipping.
Community and nonprofit organizations could get 100 packets of seeds and pay only $14.99 shipping/handling . For every seed request made by an individual or organization, Seeds of Change will make a matching donation of seeds to the American Horticultural Society.

When i saw this i immediately put in my order for seeds! i didn't get to choose what i would receive, i just knew i would be getting 25 packs of organic vegetable, flower and/or herb seeds. It was an amazing deal that i couldn't pass up!

The sowing seeds project was a huge success, and they gave away all 100 million seeds in record time (about 2 hours, i think!). i'm so glad i didn't hesitate to sign up. i have been waiting patiently (okay, not so patiently) for a few weeks now for my seeds to arrive and today they did!

i received:
Gold ball turnip heirloom (2),
Sunrise cosmos
Florence Fennel heirloom
Lakota squash (rare)
silvery fir tomato heirloom,
Champion Radish (2 packs),
Jack-o-lite pumpkin (2 packs),
Witerbi Mangold Chard (2 packs),
Round Black Spanish radish heirloom,
white Lisbon bunching onions (3 packs),
Moon and Stars watermelon heirloom(2 packs),
yellow intermediate mangel beet heirloom,
continuity red crisphead lettuce heirloom,
Cascadia bush snap pea,
Mammoth spineless okra (2 packs)
Euphorbia Kilamanjaro,
Anasazi Flour corn (rare).

This is really a great variety and i am super excited to start planting!!


  1. that's so neat! i wish i would have known about that! :) we've grown some of those varieties...have fun. :)

  2. i was actually going to post a blog about it, but they sold out before i'd even got the post up. The seeds went really fast!