Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creek Days

This summer has been very slow and lazy for us. We really haven't gone much of anywhere or done much of anything. It's been really hot and humid out. i'm not sure if it has been more hot and humid than usual this year or if i'm just not able to tolerate it as well as i used to.

During the day when the heat is unbearable, we've been hiking down to the creek to cool off.

The water isn't all that deep, but Sage insisted in wearing this inflatable jacket. She still isn't completely comfortable in the water yet, and the rocks are quite slippery. So if she does slip, she won't go under.

Even Rufus jumped right in! i was actually a bit surprised, we've brought Sookie our Border Collie down before and she was afraid of the main creek, but loves to play in the small one. This was the first time we brought Rufus down and he jumped right in and swam all over the place. He kept trying to steal the stick Sequoia was using to paddle around with.

Sage also enjoys the small creek. She collects the snails from the rocks, and looks for salamanders and crawdads. i planted these native daylillies several years ago, but the deer have always eaten them down before they have a chance to flower. This is the first year i've seen them bloom here.

The rhododendrons were also in full bloom. These are all partially shaded and they always bloom much later than usual. Most of the Rhododendrons around us are already past bloom, but these are just beginning.

The whole area is surrounded by these rhododendrons and they make a wall of flowers when they are blooming. It was absolutely beautiful. We watched butterflies fluttering around from flower to flower, and dragonflies diving right into the water to catch minnows. We fed bread crumbs to the fish and rescued a rather ugly looking caddisfly that had fallen in the water. This is still one of our favorite places to play.

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