Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our week so far...

We spent an afternoon in Blacksburg and took the kids to the Hand n' hand playground at Caboose park. It's a pretty cool park with three different playground area. The kids love the wooden castle playground the best. They pretended we were at Hogwarts. This is just one part of the wooden castle, i couldn't fit it all in the picture. It's huge!

We are really enjoying the creek this year. Even with all the recent bear sightings on and around our property. Last year, we had a young bear come right up into the yard. We haven't seen any bears since, but our neighbors keep spotting a very large one on our land.

i've still been taking the kids hiking in the woods and swimming down at creek. i'm not too worried about bears (okay, maybe a little) but we always bring a dog with us, just in case.

A dip in the creek is always a welcome break in the afternoon.

We found this little guy hanging out in our fairy garden. No, not the gnome....

The sweet little newt.

We made lots of giant bubbles. Usually my boy makes the bubbles and i take pictures. This time i gave him the camera, so i could make a few. They are so much fun!

We hiked to the top of the hill to pick blackberries, and a few wildflowers along the way. The lavender came from my garden.

Last night Kenan noticed a spider building a huge web outside. It attached from the corner of the roof and stretched all the way across to the peach tree.

It was pretty amazing to watch. It was too dark to get a really good picture, but this is just a common orb weaver/barn spider. We went to bed before she had the web finished, but in the morning it was completely gone. No sign that it had ever been there.

With ourweek wrapping up, we are preparing for a DeGaDar party for my boy and an impending trip up north for a family reunion. Kenan has been really productive in the new shop, and is already beginning to line up some classes and take students. We are still try to adjust to it all here at home.

Back to school is coming up quickly. i'm excited to finally be able to pick up my crafting again, but am sad that our summer has gone by so quickly. i'm going to miss our late dinners eaten outside, chasing fireflies and hola hooping after dinner. It's amazing to me how quickly it all goes by.


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