Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Patriotic Ice Pops.

We made these patriotic whole fruit pops earlier this week. They are really easy and the kids loved them!

As with everything, i never write down a real recipe...so you just have to wing it.

We used fresh raspberries, lemonade and blueberries...they could be made using strawberries, cherries, blackberries...whatever you have. You could also use white grape juice instead of lemonade.

i started with the raspberries. i used about a handful of fresh red raspberries and smashed them with a fork and added about a tablespoon of lemonade. They were pretty tart, you could always add a bit of honey if you prefer them sweeter.

Then i spooned the smashed raspberries into popsicle molds so that it fills the bottom 1/3 of the container. Then place in freezer until frozen solid.

Next i added lemonade to each popsicle mold, so they were about 2/3 full. Freeze until almost solid.

Now i added blueberries to the next layer. i didn't smash them, i left them whole and added a bit of lemonade to hold them together. Then put my tops on and froze them.

That's it, super easy!


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