Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teacher's Gifts

We really loved the kid's teachers this year and wanted to do something special for them. During teacher's appreciation week, students are asked to bring in certain items for the teacher each day. Like on Monday each child brings in a piece of fruit, so at the end of the day the teacher has a beautiful fruit basket. On Tue. each child brings in a flower, so at the end of the day the teacher has a lovely bouquet...etc. It's really a nice idea, i think.

The day before we were supposed to bring flowers we had crazy rain. All of my irises, ended up soaked and lying in the mud. So i had to think of an alternative in case the flowers had not recovered by the morning. i found this super cute idea for tissue paper flowers on the Family fun website. we didn't have the bamboo garden stacks, and instead fastened the flower onto a new unsharped pencil that was rolled in green construction paper. They turned out really cute, and the kids were so excited to give them to their teachers.

One one of the days we were asked to bring in a sweet treat for the teachers. This could be store bought or homemade, so we made up a batch of cookies. Then we made these adorable owl bags to put them in. These are so cute and easy.!! We found the idea for the owls here.
The tutorial suggests that you fold the top forward. Instead we folded one side forward, and one side backwards to get ears or tufts! You can put a staple in the top to keep it closed or seal it with a glue stick.

We always make a gift for the teachers last day of school as well. i always have a million different ideas of what we'll do, and then end up having the kids paint flower pots. :) They enjoy it though.
i had the kids paint garden scenes in the pots, and then we sealed it up with Modpodge and embellished them with super cute stickers we'd picked up at Micheal's. Then we sealed them again with the modpodge.

They turned out great!! Since my daughter's name is Sage i thought it would be most appropriate to give her teachers a sage plant. :) We ended up planting a variety of different herbs and making a mini-herb garden in a pot.

Just for fun i added my kids' faces to this garden gnome and printed them out. Then glued them to popsicle sticks and stuck them in the pots with a message on the back to the teachers. :) Ideally we would have laminated these, but didn't have access to a laminator.

We had a lot of fun with these and the kids were so excited and filled with pride to hand them to their teachers the last day of school.


  1. I love the garden gnome sticks! So funny!

    I did homemade blueberry scones and tea for T.A. week and am in the process of doing homemade honey wheat bread loaves to go with our home canned strawberry jam for last day of school gifts. Hopefully they'll enjoy them.

    1. Wow!! That sounds awesome! i gave baskets with homemade blackberry and raspberry jam a few years ago, but i'm not confident enough in my baking to give it as gifts. ha ha. i'll give cookies, but not bread. Your gifts sound wonderful!

  2. What wonderful gifts!! I would love it if you would link up at my Teacher Gift Link Party at Thank you!!

  3. It's all so sweet and creative, and then you topped off with those gnomes with your kids faces!!! So cute!!!

    1. i loved the gnomes. Thought it was a perfect touch for the flower pots ( the garden stickers had a gnome theme). We also purchased a bunch of Forget-me-not seed packs, you know the ones you can find 4 for a dollar? i wrote the kids names under forget-me-not on the label and glued a gnome with their picture on the front, and put a bee sticker over the price. Then they could hand them out to whoever else they wanted...the librarian, art teacher, volunteers etc.

  4. What wonderful gifts you and your children made! I'm a teacher, how you honored teachers and the work they do really touched my heart and brightened my day. :)

    -A.C. in California