Friday, November 9, 2012

Snowflake Fairies.

 Snowflake fairies are appearing early this year!!  These ladies don't usually come out until after Thanksgiving! However, this year our early snowfall has brought them out of hiding!

IF you are interested in a snowflake fairy you can visit my Facebook page to see what is available or contact me at enchantedtree(at)

They each have a hat with  a snowflake embroidered on it.  They are 3" inches tall, without the hat and not recommended for little ones under three years.

i do also have a couple of the Autumn fairies left.  So if you are not quite ready for snowflake fairies (which i completely understand!! i do have just a few others available.

i've got a very busy weekend planned here, but am going to try and have a couple of giveaways posted for you guys!!  One will be for Life Expressions (my Sil's biz) and the other is for Melissa and Doug, We love their toys!!.

Also, i am almost at 1000 facebook fans! i'll be giving away a bendy set once i hit 1000 fans.  Yay for giveaways! It is so much fun to give stuff away!  :)

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