Friday, September 20, 2013

House Construction- Week 4-5

A few updates on our construction.  i've been feeling especially scatterbrained these days, and i am not sure sure what week we are actually on. Fourth, fifth...maybe 6th?

Anyhow, since getting the main structure set up the construction crew has been here on and off the last couple weeks to finish up and work on different this.   The estimated move in time is still early November.

The first week after setting it up, they finished the dormer. It originally just had plastic over the top, so they built the roof on it and did other roof work.  The basement was partially filled in and they worked on building the floor for the loft area upstairs which came completely unfinished.

The driveway was graded down so that we'll be able to drive right up to the basement.  We will probably have to put a retaining wall on the bank to the right. 

The concrete company came back and they poured the floor for the basement. We have talked about copper staining the concrete, like we had in our old house, but i am not sure if we will again.  It looked neat,but it was really a lot of work. We'd like to finish the basement, so it will probably end up with carpet in at least part of it. 

This week the guys are here working on building the chimney.  i'm not sure what comes next, but i believe they will be working on the siding, roof and deck before they finish the inside. It has been really neat to be here to watch the progress, although it is also very distracting. i kind of feel like my life is on hold until we are in the house. The temperature has really begun to cool off, so my urge to hibernate is strong these days. 


  1. Your new house looks great. Fingers crossed you'll be in for Christmas!

    1. Thank you!! The contractor is pretty confident we will be in before Thanksgiving! :)