Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn Leaf Art

This weekend it seemed as if the leaves changed all at once. So we went out and collected a few in all  different colors and shapes and then used them to create patterns and pictures. 

We sorted by shape and color, then made a leaf rainbow. We took apart the rainbow and turned it into a flower burst mandala.

We made butterflies and dragonflies, and a cute little owl. Once you get started it is easy to create with leaves.

We used a blue balloon flower to add a bit of blue to our flower rainbow.

By layering the different leaves you can create colorful wings.  We used leaf stems as the butterfly's antenna. 

The dragonflies eyes came from my hawthorn tree. 

The owl was fun but we had a hard time finding a good leaf for his feet. i thought an upside down sassafrass would be perfect, but i couldn't find any small enough.  There are some really neat leaf animals over on pinterest. Check out these for inspiration!

We used natural materials for everything. These are not glued together, they are intended to be impermanent.  One big gust of wind and they will be gone.  These are the best kinds of crafts for us these days, as we have no where to store things. They are fun in the moment, and we can snap picture to remember them, and tomorrow we'll go back out and rearrange the leaves into something completely new. For those wising to keep their leaf art, you can sandwich the leaves between clear contact paper. Then you can then turn them into placemats, and sun catchers.

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