Sunday, November 3, 2013

House Construction Progress Nov 3rd

It's been a while since i've posted a house update. We are currently still living in the camper. The contractor seems to think we'll be in the house in another 3-4 weeks.  i hope so.  Living in the camper really hasn't been bad at all. We adjusted quickly to the space, or lack there of...and just being back on our property it immediately felt like home.

The idea of moving into the new house is both exciting, and a little scary.  It is a very different space than our old house. It's not quite as we imagined when we picked these floor plans. The main living area has an open floor plan, which i'm not sure i like and the space is really quite a bit smaller than we were imagining. It's strange to have this new significantly bigger house, that feels so much smaller on the inside. i'm hoping that once we get furniture in it, it will feel comfortable and not cramped. i keep reminding myself that we have the basement,and once we finish it we can have a normal size family room down there.  It's all just so different, and i know it will just take time.

The crew have been working on finishing the outside of the house.  These past few weeks they've been working on the deck, and the siding. 

We have a covered porch/deck across part of the front. Then it wraps around in front of the side with the french doors.

All the way around the back of the house. This is what we had planned for our old house, once we finished the addition.  So having the wrap around deck with a view of the woods was always a dream. Since this is probably the first and last time we'll ever build a house, we made sure to just do it all at once.

For me, the green metal roof and cedar siding were important. These were things i really loved about our old house, and wanted back.  i didn't want to end up with vinyl siding and shingles, not that there is anything wrong with's just not want i wanted. i loved the cabin look of our old house and really didn't want something traditional. The front of the house still seems a bit boring to me, i was not expecting that ugly electrical box right on the front. This is actually considered the side, even though it faces the technically it's on the side.  i'm planning to plant something big and bushy there to hide it. Any suggestions?   i'm hoping that once we put in a flower bed and get some flowers planted it should look more like home:) i'm also planning to swap out that door for one in a matching green.

Three out of the four sides are now sided. We won't be staining any of it until spring. We're planning to stain it the pretty red cedar color that our old house was. It really does look nice on our property. It fits in the spot that old house had been in almost perfectly. It's just a few feet longer, and not quite as wide. Although i'm not 100% in love with the foor plan, i think we did the best we could in the amount of time/ price range we were given. Of everything else i looked at, this was the only one i liked.  There are many similarities to our old house, but it is also quite different to. i'm bummed that i won't be able to look out my kitchen window any more and watch the goats in the pasture. In fact there are no windows on the main level that look out towards that part of property. The set up of this house, is pretty much the reverse of our everything is facing a different direction. i know it will just take some time.

This week the crew will finish the siding and then start on the floors. The rock for the chimney is in, so the mason should be back to finish the chimney soon.  Appliances have been delivered, so we are getting closer. Just a few more weeks.


  1. One of the benefits of an open plan house, is you can see all your family in one space. It's very communal and warming. We go to our separate rooms or outside, if we want more privacy.

    I think you guys did very well under the time restraints and budget. It does sit beautifully with the background too. Not long to go now.

  2. PS: we thought our house was very small when it was being built too, but our builder told us, that was normal. Once we moved all our stuff in, we realised how much room we had. I actually wish we'd built a smaller house, and this was a modest house to begin with.

    1. i'm hoping once we add furniture, it will feel more spacious. Looking at it empty, i'm having a hard time believing i can actually fit furniture in it. lol. i guess we expected the 'great room' to feel like a big open space, because it has the high ceilings, but it doesn't at all.

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