Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rebuild 4 Reid fundraiser- Another local house fire.

So unbelievably sad!!!! Can't believe that this has happened to friends / neighbors in our little community again. We've known these folks for a good number of years and have been given produce and other help from Joe over the years.  The Reids' tragically lost their daughter, Lisa, in February in a car crash and dropped their home owners insurance to pay for her funeral, and then their home just burned to the ground on Thanksgiving Eve. They lost everything including their vehicles, which were parked near the home.

You can view the story below on our local news channel.

 Kenan will be unleashing his marble skills again over the next few weeks to raise as much $ as possible for them. i will share links to the auctions once they are posted. 

Here's the donation fund link, please donate if you can. These folks have lost so much.

This was taken from the Rebuild 4 Reid Fundraiser page. i do not know who took the photo. 

The dawn before Thanksgiving the house where Joe, Ella and their son Joel were that night suddenly caught fire. The house filled with smoke & moments later the whole back of the house was up in flames. This year has brought many hardships for the Reid family. Lisa , the eldest daughter died in a car wreck back in February. They have 3 grandchildren 11 year old grandson who lives in Floyd & 8 year old twin grandchildren from Roanoke. All made many memories in this home making it hard for them all. The Reid's walked out in nothing but their bed clothes and bare feet. The fire took both their vehicles & all personal items including all the late daughter's personal belongings that were to be passed down to her son at a later time. Their son Joel, was a 2003 graduate of Floyd Co. High. Please reach out to this family anything we can do for them will make a world of difference and give them a boost to rebuild a home for them. 

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When we lost our home in Jan, the love and support we received was so incredibly important in keeping our spirits up. We were so incredibly lucky that we were all okay, that we had an amazing community rallying behind us and that we were insured! My heart truly breaks for this family.  i can't even imagine what they are going though. Please share the link and help spread their story!

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