Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Milkweed and Pinecone Bunnies

These simple little bunnies are a perfect  spring crafts for kids. Made from natural materials that can be gathered outside, and a few extras like craft pom-poms and googly eyes. 

We collect natural materials all year, and always have jars of dried milkweed pods, pinecones, acorn caps, seeds, flower pods etc.  Perfect for crafting on rainy days. 

For this project you'll need
 a pinecone
 two milkweed pods,
 4 acorn caps, 
pine needles. 
seeds or googly eyes for the eyes. 
craft pom poms or natural materials for the nose and tail. 
tacky glue 

Start with a medium size pinecone and 4 acorn caps.

Put a dot of glue on the tops of the acorn caps and set the pinecone in place.   Give it a few minutes to dry before attaching the ears. 

Decide where you want the ears, and then tuck the milkweed pods into the pinecone and add a bit of glue to hold them in place. 

Decide what type of face you want your bunny to have, and then attach them to the pinecone with a dot of glue.

We used googly eyes and a pom pom nose for this one.

Don't forget to add your tail. :)

This one was made using all natural materials. i used dried black beans for eyes, a small acorn cap for the nose and a flower seed head as the tail. My daughter prefers them with the googly eyes and pompoms, but i like them all natural too. 

These are very easy to make, and a great project for any age. 


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