Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Future of Borosilicate Glass.

This year i really encouraged my husband to get out and participate in some of the glass events and teaching opportunities available. We both tend to be hermits and enjoy our peaceful bubble, so getting out into the world sometimes takes a bit of effort.  Although i don't really like when he is traveling, i know it's really good for him to get out and talk with others in the glass field and participate in the glass community. 

Each year he does do one or two glass events, last year he went to France and the year before he went to Las Vegas and New Jersey.  This year he is planning several trips/events throughout the year and is open to planning a few more. 

Last month, Kenan spent some time teaching at the Glass Resort in Frederick, MD, worked in Philadelphia for a few days and then attended the IGC (International Glass Conference) in New Jersey. 

i snagged these photos off of facebook. i believe they were taken by  Julie Delany or Tracey Alfaro at the Glass Resort. The Glass resort is a really nice  flameworking studio run by very knowledgeable people.  They offer workshops, torch rental, and raw materials for purchase.  Kenan taught 2, two day classes with 8 students in each class.  

 Kenan was asked to be a demonstrator at the 16th annual International Flameworking Conference in Salem New Jersey at the Salem Community college.  These photos of Kenan demonstrating at the IFC at Salem Communtiy College in NJ are from @ballheadglass on Instragram. 

He was also part of the discussion panel discussing the future of flameworked borosilicate glass. 

 Discussion panel at the International Flameworking Conference with Robert Mickelsen, Kenan Tiemeyer, Doug Williams, Jason Howard and Eusheen Goines. Photo by Barry Weisinger.

Kenan truly felt it was an honor to be invited and excellent opportunity to participate and help promote the future of borosilicate glass. photo by Barry Weisinger.

In June he's planning to attend the Glass Art Society Conference in Corning New York. The Glass Art Society and Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG) will partner together once again to present the 45th Annual GAS Conference in 2016. Corning, NY, has been the host city for six previous conferences. The most recent conference took place in 2009, when more than 1,400 GAS members from over 30 different countries attended.  This will be his first time attending. 

In July Kenan will be participating in the Michigan Glass Project in Detroit. The Michigan Glass Project is a nonprofit organization that holds annual art events and festivals to raise money for local Detroit, Michigan causes.  Being Michigan natives, Kenan is thrilled to participate in this event.

After working with glass for 16 years Kenan is still excited about the opportunities and possibility of growth. He looks forward to further maturing his work, continuing to learn new techniques and continuing to participate more in the glass community. 

When he first mentioned his interest in working with glass all those years ago, i never could have imagined that it would become our future.   i know many of you have also followed our progress from those Stitchin' Bitches (Sb family Crafters) days when i was selling his mushroom pendants and seconds for super cheap. :) i can't even begin to tell you how proud i am of him, of how far he has come and how hard he works to provide this life for us.  Can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention of the Glass Resort and for allowing Kenan to come and teach. I know it is a rare opportunity and for him to visit our studio was a true honor. One we will always remember. Kenan has a standing invitation to return to teach or even to use our studio as a work space in his travels. I met Kenan several years ago at AGI and became an instant admirer of not only his stunning work, his dedication to the craft, and how he is a real family man. I am glad I was able to get to know him a little better on this trip. I consider him a friend and I hope he feels the same. Again, thank you so much for giving The Glass Resort a glowing mention in your blog. Tracey