Saturday, May 7, 2016

Generation Good-Healthy Baby Home Party kit has arrived!

Back in February i posted about Seventh Generation's Healthy baby home party kits and the Generation good online community.

What is Generation Good? Being a member of the Generation good community is an opportunity to exchange ideas and tips with other parents and likeminded folks who care about raising a toxin-free generation. You’ll be able to participate in discussions, share your feedback and opinions on all things Seventh Generation and you can complete surveys that help them better understand you and what you’re looking for.

As a member of Generation good, i sometimes receive different missions to apply for and complete. Often times the missions are to try out new product samples and give my feedback. Applying to host a Healthy baby party is one of those missions.   i filled out the mission survey and i was chosen to host a party!  i just  recently received my Healthy Baby home party kit in the mail! How exciting!

The box is packed full of goodies and samples to handout at your party. There are brochures with information about common toxins found in most cleaning supplies,  a bingo game to play at your party, and lots of great coupons. 

So what all is in the kit? The kit comes with sample bags for 12 guests. Each bag will get a sample of baby wipes, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, flower seeds from American Meadows,  baby cough syrup sample from Zarbee's Naturals, Plum Organics mighty mealtime packet and a packet of coupons. The kit also comes with a full size Seventh generation dishwashing liquid soap,  full size Seventh generation pack of baby wipes, full size Seventh generation pack of diapers, and a Bobble infuse reusable filtered water bottle.  The host may chose one item to keep for themselves, and the other items are for bingo prizes. How fun is that?  

i'm not usually a fan of home parties, especially sales parties, but i do love giving away freebies. :) i also really do love Seventh Generation products, so it's easy for me to share my passion about them. i'm planning to host my party at the playground, so folks can bring their kids and the moms can hang out, chat about the different products and play some bingo.  i'm planning to have cupcakes and snacks and maybe add some chocolate to the goodie bags. :)  If i have any sample bags left over, i plan to do a little giveaway on here so one of my readers has a chance to try out the products. 

Seventh Generation is still looking for folks to host parties. If you are interested in hosting your own party, head over to the Generation Good website to sign up! 


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    1. It's so fun to give out freebies too. Although i'm not too excited about the party aspect, i love getting to hand out goodie bags. )