Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Muriel- the Artist (NFS)

i wanted to share a few pictures of Muriel before i sent her off to her new home.   i posted photos of her before, but she got some new shoes, pigtails (requested by the customer) and some fabulous new jewelry.   The rainbow necklace matched an amber teething necklace worn by the little girl that would be receiving her. i also made her a mandala necklace, just because that's what i do. :) 

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Muriel is wearing rainbow tie dyed dress, with blue and purple batik bloomers. She has rainbow accents in her hair and dragonflies on her bag and shoes.

i really enjoy taking pictures of each doll before i mail them out. At the end of the year, i would like to make a photo book of all the dolls i made and sold that year.  

Muriel holding some forget-me-nots from my garden. 

Hopefully one day i'll figure out this camera and take pictures without that horrible glare. Muriel has peachy skin with blushed cheeks. She is the third to be finished and sold this year.  Madeline is still available, although i haven't really done anything to promote her.  As strange as it may sound, i'm not in a hurry to sell these dolls. i love them and get quite attached and am happy to have them hanging around my craft room for a while.  i feel like everything will happen in it's own time.

i'm currently working on 7 others dolls. A little at a time. Finishing up the basics and then waiting for their personalities to come out. Some take a little longer than others and require several hairstyles and outfits before they are ready to move on.

With garden season i'm spending a bit less time sewing, but i look forward to my rainy days, so that i can put all of my energy into these dolls. i hope to have more dolls for sale and updates soon!

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  1. Muriel is adorable, and I'm sure her new owner will be charmed! I especially love the turquoise and violet streaks in her hair; they're a little fairy tale, a little rock and roll, and a whole lot of sweet :)