Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Creek Days and mermaid tails.

Last weekend Kenan was in New York for the Corning Glass Conference.  It was really hot here, so we spent most of the weekend playing in the creek. 

The Greasy creek winds through our property,  and forms sort of a pool right here. It isn't very deep at all, but is still good for cooling off in the summertime. When we first got down to the creek my girl spotted a huge snake swimming across it!! It went up the bank and out of the water, and didn't stop anyone from getting in.  The snake was either a black rat snake or a brown water snake, we don't have to worry about water moccasins here. 

The creek is pretty fast moving, so the kids like to walk along the edge up the creek a ways and then ride back down on their inter-tubes. It's a fun and relaxing way to spend the day.

While sitting with my feet in the water enjoying the sound of the creek i heard a sudden crash and then splash!  Looked up in time to see a beautiful white tailed deer jump across the creek, just down from us. Probably chased by my dogs who had come down with us, but disappeared across the creek to explore. 

There is a smaller creek that runs into Greasy, and the kids were having fun trying to dam it up. While moving rocks around they found crawdads and salamanders and some weird insect larva and nymphs. The caddis larva make tube cases out of tiny pebbles that stick under to the bottom of the rocks and the Giant Crane fly larva looked like leeches. :P 

 We also spotted a huge bullfrog, but it hopped into the creek and disappeared before i could get it's picture.

In this age of technology, it's so refreshing to come down here and play. The kids are never bored, here always exploring and finding new and interesting things to entertain them.

This is how we plan to spend our summer. 

While swimming at the creek i also spotted this adorable mermaid sunning herself on a rock. :)  This mermaid swimsuit was supposed to be a birthday present, but i got it in exchange for a review and needed to have it done this week.  i was originally planning to make her a mermaid tail. i went Joann fabrics last week to price the fabric ($20 a yard!!). Then i got an opportunity to review one from amazon instead and couldn't pass it up. It's a three piece set. 2 piece swimsuit, and the tail. It's made out of shiny stretchy swimsuit fabric. She absolutely loves it. Her only complaint is that she was hoping the tail would be longer so she could wear a swim fin and actually swim with it like a real mermaid tail. This one fits more like a costume, the bottom is open like a dress so you walk in it. It has bottoms too, so if you don't want to wear the tail it's a bikini.  i'll probably still eventually make her a swim-able tail, but for now she loves this one. 

Seems like everyone is planning major vacations and traveling all over this summer. We are really looking forward to a low key, laid back playing in the creek, swimming, hiking  and kayaking kind summer. 

i received this 3 piece Newland's swimsuit in exchange for my honest review. i was not compensated.  My opinions are my own. 


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