Saturday, June 4, 2016

Painting day with #usartsupply

My girl are i are both not feeling too good today so while the boys are out Kayaking on the New River, we are staying home and working on some art projects. Remember these little bendy doll box sets i started ages ago? i finally decided to pull them out and finish them.  

US Art Supply sent me some acrylic paints and brushes to review, so i thought today would be a great day to paint some boxes!  The acrylic tube artist paint set comes with 12 tubes of 12ml each. It's reasonably priced and comes in a great array of colors. This would be a perfect beginners set. 

These High quality pigments offer smooth consistency, a satin finish, and an excellent covering strength. They are quick drying and water-based, Non-Toxic and Non-Leaded. i let my girl decorate her own box and now she's making one for a friend as well.  The paints work very well, my only complaint is that the tubes have to punctured using a pointed tip in the lids. So we ended with quite a bit of paint on the ends on the caps and on our fingers. It cleans up easily, but did make a bit of a mess just getting set up.

i was not as impressed with the brushes. They start off very stiff, but lose their shape quickly once they've been washed off a few times. They also tend to shed a bit.   The set sells for $6.96 and comes with a wooden palette and 12 brushes, so it is a nice set for the price.   They worked just fine for our project and would be fine for hobbies and kids projects, but i'm not sure they'd work that well for painting on canvas if you are wanting crisp details. 

Overall, i really liked the paints. The colors blend well.  The paint pigments are vibrant and do not fade as they dries. i like that they are non-toxic, and lead free and think this would be a great beginner set for a young artist!  The brushes are okay, and would be fine for a beginner.  Together these #usartsupply paints and brushes make a nice inexpensive set for a budding young artist!

We really enjoyed working on our bendy doll fairy boxes, and hope to have them finished up soon. :)

disclaimer-i received the paint and brushes mentioned above free for review purposes i only review and recommend products or services i use personally.  i was not compensated for the review, all opinions are my own. 


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