Sunday, June 12, 2016

Raaya Garden Hose Nozzle review.

Back when we were building the house, one of the construction working accidentally broke the nozzle on our garden hose.  He replaced it with one he had in his truck, and said he'd come back the next day with a new one but never did.  

Three years later, we were still using the old nozzle that the construction worker left behind. There really wasn't any reason i'd never bought i new one, i just hadn't. So when i was given the opportunity to review a garden nozzle, it was hard to say no. :) 

i was send a  Raaya Garden Hose Nozzle to review. It is a high quality professional garden hose sprayer. It comes with two connectors and extra rings. It was very easy to attach the connector to my hose, and then attach the nozzle. i like how easy it is to take on and off. The nozzle feels very well built, it has a solid metal base covered in pvc, so it's comfortable to grip.

 i love the blue color, it also matches my spigot perfectly. :) i tried it out in my garden and found it easy to adjust the stream from a straight jet to a spray. The spray nozzle works very well.

 My only complaint is that the spray is so forceful it was knocking my tender tomatoes over. i need to play with the adjusters a little more, but couldn't seem to get a less powerful light spray.  We haven't had rain in a while, and so i've been having to water the garden daily.  i also like to spray the plants in my greenhouse and it really has too much force to spray them directly without the light spray.

 Overall. it's a nice sprayer and would be great for washing off the deck or washing the car. It has a lot of power and i like the convenience of being able to disconnect and connect it quickly.

 i received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. i was not compensated. My opinions are my own


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