Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Vacation, Kayaking and Treeco waterproof pouch review

Last week Kenan went canoeing with one of his friends. He parked at the destination spot, and then they drove back in his friends car to where they would start their canoe trip. He left his wallet and phone in his friends truck in case the canoe tipped, and without thinking put his keys in his wallet. So when they finished the canoe trip, he was locked out of his truck and they had to walk all the way back to his friend's truck. 

i know he was feeling a bit like an idiot, but then a few day later, his friend went canoeing again with a different friend, and the canoe did tip and his friend lost his keys in the river and again they had to walk all the way back to the first truck.

On June 3rd, my husband and i celebrated 16 years of marriage. Instead of buying each other gifts we decided to get a family gift of either a canoe or kayaks.  We owned a canoe when we lived up in Michigan and really enjoyed it.  We really want to start canoeing/kayaking each weekend this summer.

Since i knew that he was planning to get a canoe or kayak,  i got him a Treecoo water proof pouch. has a double ziplock seal, and then folds down and velcros closed. So you can pack your keys, phone, camera etc and not have to worry about it getting wet. 

He ended up getting a double kayak, with plans of getting a second one eventually.  Since both my girl and i were not feeling too good the first week of summer vacation, he just took the boy kayaking. The #treecoo waterproof pouch (fannypack!!) worked great!  He was able to put his phone, keys and wallet in it and not have to worry about them getting wet. 

The pouch is inexpensive. You can get it on amazon for under $10 for a two pack of pouches with free shipping if you have prime.  You get one in black, and one in blue. It's a really a nice idea for anyone who likes to spend time on the water. This would also come in handy at an amusement park with water rides. The double ziplocking seal seems very secure. Once the zippers are locked, it folds down twice, and then the velcro holds it in place.

My only complaint with it, is that the adjustable extra long belt didn't fit around his waist. Hes a big guy, but he's not really that big. He wears a 38 in pants, and the belt was a little too tight to snap so the boy got to wear it. 

i'm guessing that the belt would work best for anyone who's waist is around 36 inches or less, which would be Mens M-L size, but not for the big XL boys.   It cinches down so it would also fit much smaller waists (my boy is a 29 waist).

The boys had a great time kayaking on the New river, and can't wait to go back. Once we get our second kayak, i'm sure you'll be seeing lots of kayaking posts along with our usual hiking posts. i really hope to spend as much of the summer outside as possible! 

So my disclaimer:  i received the Treecoo waterproof pouch at no cost in exchange for my honest review. i do not review products i wouldn't actually use. This pouch is great for keeping your belongings dry, the adjustable strap just needs to be longer. These are my honest opinions, i was not compensated for my review.


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