Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Garden update- Harvest pictures from July

i post a lot garden photos on my facebook, but don't always get around to blogging about it. This year's garden has been a bit challenging. We had no rain for about 5 weeks, even though it seemed to hit everyone else around us. The lack of rain caused a lot of my plants to be stunted or really slow to grow. i still have a pretty good spread though, so i can't really complain.

6-29  Blueberries are just starting to come in. Still getting a few peas and the beans are producing well. These are the Red Swan and Dragon Tongue beans. The peas are Sugar Magnolia tendril.

 7-8  Getting lots of beans and blueberries. Still getting lots of leafy greens and getting a few cucumbers. Pulled some of garlic as well, and made some garlic braids. Still getting Red Swan and Dragon tongue beans, also getting Rattlesnake Preacher beans and Borlotto Bush.

7-11  Blueberries did really well this year, and my freezer is packed full. We actually had a really good year for blueberries, red and black raspberries, but then the deer ate all my wine berries and the blackberries dried up from the lack of rain.  i've picked a few, but there just hasn't been much. The eggplants are all coming from my greenhouse. They seem to love the heat.

7-16 Finally starting to get some ripe tomatoes in the greenhouse.  Beans are still doing great, and i'm getting  quite a few cucumbers.  Purple pole beans are starting to come in and the dragon tongue are still doing well.

7-20  Still no rain. Greenhouse tomatoes are really ripening quickly.  Dug a few potatoes, but still have a lot to dig. The ground was just too hard to dig them. Finally getting a couple squash, but the plants seem pretty stunted. They are covered in blooms, but no new fruit.  

7-24 Yellow wax beans are just starting to come in. Purple pole are producing well, and dragon tongue and Borlotto bush are still producing. Picked a couple okra, a few more tomatoes and cucumber and a few carrots. 

7-29  The beans just keep coming and i put in a second planting so there will be more soon.  More greenhouse tomatoes ripening and a few from the garden. Getting a couple more summer squash, but really just not getting much from them. Peaches are starting to ripen.

We finally had a good rain this last weekend, which seemed to help a lot of my plants start producing again.  i have lots of green tomatoes waiting to ripen, and more beans and squash just coming up.  i can't believe i'm already starting seeds for a fall garden, but it's that time.  i really feel like summer just started.  i've been busy blanching and freezing beans, and am hoping to have enough tomatoes to can. So far though we've just been enjoying them fresh. i still can't really believe the kids are going back to school in a week. Summer always goes way too fast!!

How is your garden growing?


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