Sunday, May 1, 2011

Folded Paper Dragonflies.

These Dragonflies are made using the Checkered fold. First thing you want to do it cut your tissue paper into squares. i used 2 1/2" squares, but you could use 2" or 3", whatever works best for you. You need to have all of your squares folded into the checkered fold.

For the body, i layer tissue paper to give it a multi-colored look. To layer the tissue paper, i use my stick and place a dot of glue in each corner of a square and then layer a different colored square on top. So you have two pieces of layered tissue paper, and the square has a different color on each side.

For the wings, you'll need four pieces of tissue paper folded into the checkered fold. i like to use two different colors for the top and bottom wings, but you can do it however you like. For the body you need one layered checkered fold piece.

To make each wing, take one checkered folded piece and flip it over to the back side. Now, fold over the entire lower edge lining up on the center line. Crease, and use to glue stick to secure it. Do the same on the other side. You can click the picture to see it enlarged. Do this for each of your wings.

You should now have 4 wings, and your layered piece for the body.

To make the body, flip the layered piece over to the back. Fold the edge over (black line in photo) to the center line and crease. You do not fold the entire edge over like you did in the wings, just that part that is highlighted. Now flip it back over.

This part is really confusing, although it's actually quite easy to do. i'm just not sure how to explain it. Click the picture above to see it better. Your body should look like the first image.
Flip it to the other side, and place a dap of glue stick on the blue (in my picture) triangles at the top. Now pinch them together, so they form a neck. Now press the head back open. The neck should stay because of the glue. Make sense?? Fold the very top point of the head down, so it looks rounded. Now, put some glue along the edges of the body and fold them in to make the dragonfly narrower. You can keep him fat or make him even more narrow depending on how you want it to look.

Now flip the body over and glue the wings on. You should have something that looks like this!
Feel free to ask any questions and i'll try to clarify it for you. It really sounds/looks a lot more complicated than it is. Thesae are very easy. Just adding a couple extra folds on the basic checkered fold.


  1. this is beautiful! off to find my tissue paper!!!lol i have some beautiful purple!

  2. beautiful! love the colors! I am off to find my tissue paper, I know I have some purple somewhere!!! thanks for sharing. I am a new follower, i just saw the fairy garden post, is it still open???

  3. beautiful! love the colors, I am off to find my tissure paper! I know i have some purple somewhere...hmmmm, I am a new follower and i am enjoying your blog. I just saw about the fairy garden is it still open!??? I love all the ideas.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I wonder, do you know how to do a butterfly? I imagine it would be similar. I think the littles would enjoy that with our current block.

  5. It' s so wonderful your sharing, thanks a lot.