Monday, February 16, 2009

My little mermaid.

This weekend i decided i just had to crochet a mermaid. Recently, Sage has been carrying around and playing with several of the rag dolls i have made her in the past. One of them being a lovely mermaid doll. So, that is where i got it in my head, that i must crochet one! i really like to make crocheted doll and critters and such...and this is just one of those things i absolutely had to make.

She stands about 9" tall. The same size as the other dolls i've been making. Her tail is very basic, and i may try to come up with something a little more exciting with the next one i crochet. Yes, there is always a next one..isn't there. :)

Her hair came out great! It is really full and wild and out of control. i have some rainbow mohair mixed in that has a bit of glitter in it. So although you can't see it from the pictures, it has some sparkle to it. i absolutely adore her. i am still undecided on whether to list her or not, Sage seems to think i made it for her. :) Oh well, i've already started a second one, and before i'm over making mermaids i am sure Sage will have a mermaid of her very own.


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