Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Us

*update-  On Jan. 22nd 2013 we lost everything in a devastating house fire. We spent 5 months in temporary rental house, and then in June we purchased a RV and moved back to our land to rebuild.  We spent 6 months living in the camper while our new home was being built. We began the new year, in a new home, with new everything.  2014, has been our year to start over completely. 

We live, love and play deep in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

14 years ago, we moved here from Michigan on a complete whim, with a dream to leave behind the rat race and become self sufficient. We fell in love with a small enchanted cabin on 12 acres, blessed with fruit trees and berry patches and unlimited wildlife right outside the door.

We organic garden, raise egg laying hens and strive to raise our family in a way that is natural and gentle on the earth. We believe in simplicity and are constantly working to be more self sufficient and continue working towards a sustainable future.

We constantly strive to improve our organic gardens and flowerbeds, and hope to add a few milking goats to our family this spring. 

We feel very fortunate to live in such an amazing area and to be able to make a living doing what we love, while being at home with our children.  Thanks for all of your support!The Enchanted Tree website has been online since '98. We have been totally self employed for the last 12 years, supporting ourselves through our creations.