Monday, March 26, 2018

Reducing plastic with Sunsella Stainless Steel Water Bottle #noplastic #sponsored

In my ever constant struggle to get rid of plastic, we've been slowly replacing our water bottles with stainless steel. This Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle by #sunsella holds 17 oz and comes with a carrier clip

It has a leak proof screw on lid and keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. It's made with highest quality food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel. It will not sweat and is rust free. It has a removable silicone ring with Aluminum carabiner so you can clip it onto your backpack, tote or handbag.  It comes in light blue, polished stainless and rose colors

This is a nice bottle, i really like the color and size. It's not too heavy when filled. The mouth is narrow, but i can still fit the ice cubes from the ice maker in it. Double walled means it doesn't get to cold to hold!


i love the modern shape of this water bottle. My girl has claimed this one (although i may end up borrowing it) and wanted me to customize it with a vinyl decal. i recently got a Silhouette Cameo and have been adding decals to everything!! i'll share a post soon with some of my recent projects.

She picked up a neat wolf scene and i have it cut and ready to apply. This bottle shape is great for this decal. If you like customizing water bottles, this one is perfect!

The finished decal. i relly think it turned out great, and my daughter is in love with the bottle. The shape, the color...she's been using it non-stop since we got it.  i'm thrilled to be able to get rid of some of the plastic water bottles we still have by replacing them with stainless steel.

You can find this Sunsella water bottle on amazon here! 

You can also visit to check out their other products!

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Happy Spring!! March snowstorm 2018

Spring is my favorite time year. i love everything about it. The budding the trees, the flowers pusjhing up from the ground, my hens laying again and the promise of new life. This spring however, we've been blessed with snow. Lots and lots of snow. 18.5 inches to be exact!! We've had more snow this spring, than we had all winter.

Every year i get a picture of snow on my daffodils, so i really wasn't that suprised that it snowed.  i'm just suprised by the amount! i'm hoping this is winter's last big storm and spring will wake up soon. 

Wake up spring!!  You've slept in!!  

It's definitely beautiful though. Like a winter wonderland...but in the spring.

The snow was so heavy that trees have been snapping and power is out for much of our county. We lost power on Saturday night and it isn't expected to be back on until Wed. at 11:59pm. 

We have a woodstove and plenty of wood to keep us warm.

We've putting together puzzles and finally gave in and started up the generater to charge our devices, run the fridge and even watched a movie last night. Although i'm super ready for spring, i'm enjoying this time to slow down, to sit together as a family working on a puzzle or just sharing space together by the wood stove.