Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds

One of my favorite visitors in the spring are the hummingbirds. i attract them with both feeders and flowers.

The hummingbirds always appear before my flowers are in bloom, so i use feeders until there is enough flower nectar available to feed them.

i found these simple feeders at our local Dollar tree.  They are such a great deal and they come apart easily for easy cleaning. i've owned many hummingbird feeders over the years, and some of them although pretty, are very difficult to clean.  These are my new favorites.

It's very important to keep your humming bird feeder clean.  i replace the food and clean it out (hot water, no soap). every other day.  i use a toothbrush to reach all the areas.  Any time you see black mildew/mold forming, or the nectar looks cloudy or there are dead ants/insects in it the feeder needs to come down and be cleaned immediately.

Unfortunately many well meaning folks, are making the hummingbirds sick by feeding them contaminated nectar.  The black mold causes their tongues to swell and they slowly stare to death.  So when choosing a hummingbird feeder, make sure  it comes completely apart and you can clean all parts of it easily. i use a pipe cleaner to clean the inside of the little flowers.

i liked these little dollar feeders so well i purchased several, and have them spaced out around the yard.  When i make up the nectar, i only fill the feeders about half full, so i'm not wasting too much by changing it every other day.  Humming bird nectar is very easy to make at home, there is no need to purchase it.  

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:
  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present.
  2. Cool and fill feeder.
  3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator.
  4. Red dye should not be added.

As the nectar flowers begin blooming in the spring, i take down the feeders. The natural foods are much better for the hummingbirds, and if you plant lots of nectar flowers for them you'll still have plenty of hummingbird flying around, but you won't need to give them the artificial food.

Some hummingbird favorites that i grow are red bee balm, scarlet runner beans, coneflowers, purple hyacinth vine, foxglove, honeysuckle, columbine, tall phlox, daylilies, butterfly bush, zinnia and more. You'll find that the nectar flowers attract both hummingbirds and butterflies.

They are most attracted to red flowers, but once you've caught their attention they will feed on flowers from a variety of colors.

We attract many different birds with feeders around the property. We also plant flowers and trees that are bird friendly and provide food and shelter.   Often times we are visited by migratory birds like Red Breasted Grosbeak, waxwings and Baltimore Orioles that stop by the feeders as they are passing through. 

The hummingbirds are a definite favorite, so it's very important to keep those feeders clean and the food fresh.   i could spend all day taking pictures of them. They are such a amazing little creatures.

Hummingbird darts lightly through the world, spreading its message of joy and beauty, and teaching us to appreciate the wonder and magic of everyday existence. Hummingbird brings the gift of joy. Learn to laugh and be happy. – Unknown Quotes

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lyme Disease and Identifying the Rash.

Remember that fabulous hike we took to the Cascades a few weeks ago? It seems that i brought home more than just memories.  The day after our hike i found a tiny tick attached to the back of my knee and removed it. The next day i found another along my waistband. It was attached just above my hip, then i found one more on my tailbone and while in the shower i removed another.  In just three days time i removed 4 tiny deer ticks that were all attached.  

 So earlier this week when i developed a bright red quarter sized spot around one of the bites i was really concerned that it was the tell-tale Lyme bullseye that you always hear about.  i had my husband take a look, but he assured me it wasn't a bullseye. It just look like a allergic reaction to the bite. It was red and swollen, almost like a hive.  i asked him to draw a circle around the edge of the rash so i could see if it's was expanding.

Later that day i noticed the lymph nodes in my groin area were swollen and tender. i checked the rash and it had doubled in size. i had my husband look again, but he assured me that it looked nothing like a bullseye, it was large, but still just looked like an allergic reaction. So i put hydrocortisone cream on it, and took a Ibuprofen for the pain and swelling.  The next day the spot was 3" in diameter, It was still just red, but also still expanding.  i had tossed and turned all night unable to sleep because of the pain in my lymph nodes and lower back, and made an appointment with the doctor. 

i still did not a have a bullseye rash, so i thought i was just having a bad reaction to the tick bite. The doctor took one look at my rash and said "you have Lyme Disease".  She said there was no reason to test, the test are expensive and unreliable. False positives are very common and the rash was all she needed to diagnose me.   She prescribed a round of Doxycycline and apologized for the cost. The price of Doxycycline has sky rocketed over the past few years because it's the main antibiotic to treat Lyme which is on the rise and becoming epidemic in many areas where it wasn't problem before.  $100+ prescription for a tick bite.  Ouch.

So why didn't i get the classic Lyme Bullseye that everyone is told to watch for?  My rash had now expanded to around 5" in diameter, and had a weird blue tinge to it. Honestly, it looked more like a bruise than a rash. So i did a little googling and looked up blue lyme rash and found out Erthema Migrans (lyme rash) can actually present many different ways, including the Blue-red lesion which is what i have.

i was able to catch Lyme early, so with the antibiotics i have a really good chance of wiping it out completely.  Had i not found the tick (which was the size of a poppyseed) i probably would have dismissed it as a spider bite, although i would have still ended up at the doctor eventually because the rash kept growing and turning weird colors. i apologize for the graphic photo below, but wanted to share it because it doesn't look like a classic bullseye and people need to be aware that Lyme rashes present in many different forms.

It's really hard to capture rashes in a photo, but you get the idea. It actually looks much bluer like a bruise. This was taken 3 days after i started the antibiotics. The rash is now between 5"- 6" in diameter, and its just starting to show a little bit of central clearing.

i was able to catch Lyme before getting the flu symptoms, so i don't know if i'll still get them now that i'm on the antibiotic or not. Typically the flu symptoms don't appear for a few weeks after the initial tick bite.  The first night i started the antibiotic i  fevered and had chills, then woke up drenched in sweat around 4am. This is considered a  Herxheimer Reaction from the antibiotics. Apparently when antibiotics begin to attack the lymes bacterial it releases toxins during the die off, which cause all kids of additional symptoms, but thankfully don't last very long.

So yeah, getting Lyme disease is not how i was expecting to start my summer vacation. i'm on antibiotics for a month, and they make me sensitive to sunlight. So i'm not sure how that's going to work out with all the hiking and gardening i have planned. i still don't have my garden completely in, and i'm not about to let a little Lyme disease keep me from getting things planted. ;)  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May the 4th Day & Star Wars icecube/candy molds- review

May 4th is known as the unofficial Star wars Holiday to Star Wars fans everywhere ! My post is a little behind, but this year we decided to make Star wars candy in celebrations of May the 4th.  

My family are huge star wars fans so we were very excited to review these Starwars silicone icecube trays/candy molds.    They are made of 100% high quality food grade silicone. They can be used in freezer, fridge, dishwasher and oven. They are heat resistance up to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit.

These can be used for so many things! You can use them to make Starwars shaped ice, chocolate, crayons, soap, jello jigglers and more!

The kids helped me test these out and we made a bunch of really cool chocolates!! The molds are very detailed.  The set comes with 6 molds. You get Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, X­wing fighters, the Millennium Falcon, R2-D2 and even Han Solo in Carbonite.  The R2-D2 mold and the Han Solo have two different sizes on the mold. 

The chocolates pop out of the molds really easily.  i've made candies using regular chocolate molds before and sometimes the chocolates stick and don't release well. The neat thing about the silicone molds and is that you can actually turn them inside out to pop the chocolate out.

After adding your chocolate, you really want to gently tap the trays down a few times.  These should have had much more details, but i forgot to tap them so there some bubbles in them.  Also, when removing the R2-D2 you really want to pay special attention to the feet. The first one i popped right out and the feet broke, so when i removed the second one i did it a little more slowly and it came out perfect!

The Millennium Falcons turned out awesome!!  We filled these with toasted coconut, almonds and added some white chocolate on the backs.  

Just for fun, i used the Hans Solo mold for my fresh homemade butter. :)  i chilled the butter in the mold before attempting to pop it out, but it came out perfect.  

These molds clean up easily and are so much fun!! The Star Wars silicone #icecube tray molds are available here.

We received the molds for free in exchange for our review.  My opinions are my own. We really had fun with these, and i wouldn't recommend them if i didn't truly love them!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Surprises.

So we've had a lot of surprises this spring. Several of my hens disappeared several weeks ago. Some reappeared, and some did not.

My first hen to return showed up with 16 chicks!!!  They are all fully feathered now, and i expect that she'll be starting to hide from them soon.  When mama hen feels the babies are ready to be on their own, she'll start distancing herself from them and hiding. It's always a little sad to see the babies running around crying for mama not sure what to do. 

Our first batch of chicks are about 5 weeks old.   It's still a little early to tell the boys from the girls, but on some of them it is already obvious.  The black chick standing is quite definitely a boy, obvious by the size and color of the comb.  When you see dark pink this early, it is a good indication that it's a boy.  The light colored smaller chick up front is a girl.  She is much smaller than the others, and has a very yellow comb. 

Typically the girls have a yellow or pale pink comb until they reach breeding age. When they are mature enough to breed, the comb will turn bright red.  

With this batch, i already see a few definite boys and a few definite girls, but most it is still too early to tell.  i have two favorites from this batch that i am hoping are girls, and then i plan to find homes for the rest of them. We do not have a coop big enough for this many chickens and they are quickly outgrowing the chicken tractor.

This is my second hen to disappear and then reappear with chicks. They are about 4 weeks old now, and she hatched out 13!  So we've had to move birds around to find a place to keep her and all her peeps safe.  She is very wild, and will not let us get any where near her babies. i'm tempted to find homes for both her and all her babies together (plus a rooster).  

It's really hard for me to give them away, but we just don't have room for 29 more birds!!! 

Just as i was stressing out about what to do with all those chicks...we get another surprise!!  This hen, which i didn't even realize was missing showed up with 9 more chicks!! They are only 2 days old in this picture and super sweet. 

So yeah, that's 38 baby chicks this spring!!! OMG! 

We obviously can not keep them all, i am just hoping they are not to difficult to re-home. i may try offering chicken starter sets (one girl and one boy) from different broods, otherwise i'm going to get stuck with a crap ton of roosters.  Most folks would just eat the extra birds, but as a vegetarian family that's definitely not an option and re-homing 30+ chicks can be a bit difficult...especially when i want to guarantee they won't be killed or eaten. 

So yeah, really starting to hate surprises...but they are soooo cute!!   :) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Camping, Festival Season and #liveinfinitely

This year the kids get out of school the first week of June. We've already started making plans for our summer vacation.  Kenan is taking part in the Michigan glass project in July, and we have a family reunion in WV...but otherwise our summer is pretty open. 

With the garden and animals i  prefer day trips and overnights, rather than week long vacations.  We typically do quite a bit of day hiking on the New River and Appalachian trail, which are very close by. This year we are thinking about a weekend trip to NC to hike the waterfalls in the Pisgah National forest area. We'd do a little overnight camping and day hiking. 

i was recently given the opportunity to try out a double camping hammock by #liveinfinitely , and knew it would be perfect this summer with all of our hiking and camping. 

Kenan and i took a break from working yesterday to take the dogs hiking on our land and relax down at the creek.

We found the perfect location to set up our hammock. It is incredibly easy to hang up. It comes with Poly-Filament Webbed tree straps with incorporated dual looped stainless steel lashing ring and unique triple running stitch to prevent stretching while still allowing simple setup almost anywhere!

Excuse my weird face, i can't take selfies. :) The double hammock is huge, it fits two adults comfortably. It's guaranteed to hold 450 lbs It measures 9' 10" long by 6' 6" wide.  It is actually big enough for two adults to sleep in it.  It comes in several colors, i picked out the gray and blue. Online the color looks more navy blue with bright blue trim, but it's actually a lovely slate gray color with a teal blue trim.  It also comes in green or purple.

When it's not in use it conveniently folds into the included gear pouch measuring 6"x 8" and only weighs 18 ounces which makes it the perfect portable hiking, festivals or backpacking hammock.  You can truly take this anywhere! 

Getting cozy down by the creek. Man, i could get use to this!  Kenan has been coming down here and setting up the hammock every morning and enjoying a little peace and relaxation before starting work.  

Our view laying down.  i love looking up at the tree tops.

The Double camping hammock by #liveinfinitely is really strong and durable. Set up and take down is really quick, so it is perfect to take hiking, camping and use at festivals. The hammock is made from weather resistant nylon. It is quick drying, mildew resistant and machine washable.  They are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

We are still in the process of planning out our summer, but i know we are going to be enjoying our hammock while camping, at the local festivals and even just set up in the back yard!  i am so ready for school to be out, so we can enjoy more family time hiking. It's one of my favorite things to do in the spring/summer time. i'm especially excited to check out some new waterfalls, and set up our hammock in the trees near them and just hang out enjoying the sound and energy of the falls.
 Life is good. :) 


disclaimer:  i received this hammock free in exchange for my review, but all opinions stated in the review are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.  i was not compensated for my review or opinion and only review products that i would actually use myself and feel good about recommending.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Muriel- the Artist (NFS)

i wanted to share a few pictures of Muriel before i sent her off to her new home.   i posted photos of her before, but she got some new shoes, pigtails (requested by the customer) and some fabulous new jewelry.   The rainbow necklace matched an amber teething necklace worn by the little girl that would be receiving her. i also made her a mandala necklace, just because that's what i do. :) 

smile emoticon

Muriel is wearing rainbow tie dyed dress, with blue and purple batik bloomers. She has rainbow accents in her hair and dragonflies on her bag and shoes.

i really enjoy taking pictures of each doll before i mail them out. At the end of the year, i would like to make a photo book of all the dolls i made and sold that year.  

Muriel holding some forget-me-nots from my garden. 

Hopefully one day i'll figure out this camera and take pictures without that horrible glare. Muriel has peachy skin with blushed cheeks. She is the third to be finished and sold this year.  Madeline is still available, although i haven't really done anything to promote her.  As strange as it may sound, i'm not in a hurry to sell these dolls. i love them and get quite attached and am happy to have them hanging around my craft room for a while.  i feel like everything will happen in it's own time.

i'm currently working on 7 others dolls. A little at a time. Finishing up the basics and then waiting for their personalities to come out. Some take a little longer than others and require several hairstyles and outfits before they are ready to move on.

With garden season i'm spending a bit less time sewing, but i look forward to my rainy days, so that i can put all of my energy into these dolls. i hope to have more dolls for sale and updates soon!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hiking the Cascades- May

Every spring we try to visit the Cascades, in the Jefferson National forest in Pembroke, VA.  It's a scenic two mile hike to a 66 foot cascading waterfall. This is one my all time favorite places to hike.

We normally visit the cascades in early spring when the wildflowers are in full bloom. This year we were a little later, and the usual wildflowers had already finished blooming. The Jack-in-the-pulpit, White Clintonia and wild Geranium were blooming, but the Trillium (my favorite) was done.

When we left the house to go hiking it was a beautiful sunny day. Perfect hiking weather, but when we got to Pembroke there was a huge gray cloud over us and it began to sprinkle. Then it began to rain. We did the entire hike in the pouring rain. It was cold and wet, but there was so much water coming out of the mountains that there were small waterfalls everywhere. It made for a very different hiking experience.

Despite the parking lot being completely filled, the trail was pretty empty. Folks must have left and taken the upper trail as soon as the rain started.   We took the lower trail, and only came across a few people. 

The the actual falls were very intense. There was much more water pouring over them and it was powerful and intense. We typically walk out to the falls, but it felt very dangerous this time. The whole creek was moving rapidly with much more force and energy than i've ever felt there. 

We stayed on the observation deck and didn't anywhere near the water. This is the first time we have been there where no else was here. Typically the pool and rocks in front of the falls is full of people.

The hike is always so invigorating. The sound of the crashing water on the rocks, the energy in the air, the sounds and smells of the forest make one feel very alive.  This is a very magical healing place. 

Every step of this hike is beautiful. We took the lower trail to the falls, and the upper trail back. The upper trail is easier, but not as scenic. 

i love everything about this hike, and look forward to it every year. It seems to wash away all the negative energy from the winter, and leave us feeling cleansed and healed.  Despite it being a somewhat strenuous hike, i always leave with more energy than i came with.  

i was a little disappointed that we missed the wildflowers this year (i think we missed them last year too). We left wet and covered in mud, but still had a wonderful time.  

We are really hoping to do a lot more hiking and camping this summer, something Kenan and i did often before we had kids.  We do take the kids on day hikes almost every weekend, but haven't been camping in a long time.  We are really hoping to change that this summer and would like to start canoeing and/or kayaking as well.  

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves . ~John Muir, Our National Parks

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Follow me on Instagram!

Hey now! i joined Instagram a while ago and am still trying to figure it all out. Our cell phone is technically a emergency phone, and the husband and i share it. i really only use it when i'm not at home, which isn't very often. lol. i only go out maybe once every two weeks if i can help it.  My husband usually has it, and uses it for his glass business. He's found that it really helps to promote his work and find new customers.

So i've started trying to post on there more often, and use the appropriate hashtags to further my reach. Most of the photos i post are from my facebook, because i haven't mastered the camera on the phone yet.  i post a variety of nature, gardening and crafting pictures.

Anyhow, if you'd like to follow along on Instagram, my user name is enchantedtree.   https://www.instagram.com/enchantedtree/

i do not automatically follow back if i don't recognize the name, so if you would like me to follow you back be sure and comment below with your user name. i hope you enjoy my photos!

Garden Season- May 2016

This year my garden season is having a bit of a slow start.  Typically i would have all of my summer garden seeds in the ground by now, however with my green house i have so much already started that i'm not in a real hurry to put my plants out.  My beans are already a foot tall, and cucumbers and squash are way ahead of schedule. So when i do finally plant the garden, i'm expecting it to like an instant garden that just popped up over night.  :)  

My spring garden was doing great, then we had some crazy hail come down a couple weeks ago. We were not even home at the time, but it did a lot of damage in the garden. Much of the lettuce/spinach was shredded and smashed. My sugar snap peas were all broken and all the new broccoli and cauliflower plants i had just put in were destroyed. i did have a few broccoli plants under a cover that were undamaged, but most of them had to be pulled.   

 So i had to replant much of the spring plants.  The damaged lettuce leaves died off, but new leaves sprouted and it's finally starting to fill back in a bit.  This is my spring salad garden. i have leaf lettuce, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, onions, garlic and purple orach planted here. i also have asparagus, carrots, radishes and beets planted in the raised beds.  Sugar snaps and cucumbers coming up on the fences, and broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower all the way to the right. 

My packman broccoli is under the row cover and is doing fabulous. i also had planted Fractal broccoli, purple broccoli, purple cauliflower and purple sprouting broccoli.  These are plants that were damaged. i do have more in the green house to put out, but they are smaller and i'm not sure we'll have enough coooler days for them to be happy. Once it starts getting warm, the cold crops tend to start bolting. 

i love growing a spring mix of lettuces. This year i planted, Ruby Red, Red Salad bowl, Oak leaf, Spotted Aleppo (harvested from Monticello),

One of the few green oak leaf that wasn't damaged by the hail. i had to reseed this row, so most of the plants are just coming up. The bed should have been full of plants ready for harvest. 

The broccoli plants are looking good.  They are forming nice sized heads this year instead of buttoning again like they did last year. i have a row cover on them, and so far they are worm free!!

Purple orach in a new favorite i planted for the first time last year. It's sometimes called purple spinach, as it tastes similar and can be used in the same way.   It's a beautiful plant and adds a  lovely splash of purple to any salad.  We eat a lot of spinach, but spinach prefer the cool temps and tends to bolt if it gets too warm so i started looking for spinach alternatives. Orach and Red Malabar spinach can both be used in the same ways that spinach can, and they can tolerate heat much better.  The red malabar spinach actually thrives in hot conditions.  

i haven't been in a huge hurry to get my garden in this year. i have almost everything already started in the greenhouse, so i feel like my garden is planted, just not in the ground. Tonight we have a low of 36, and today is our average frost free day. So this week i'll think about getting my plants actually planted in the ground. The greenhouse has been fantastic. It's been such a help having place to start my seeds and they grow so quickly in there.  

We did soil tests this year, and added quite a few amendments to the soil. So i'm really feeling very optimistic about it this year. With the added nutrients, i hoping to see healthier plants and less disease.   i'm planning to keep a few tomatoes in the greenhouse all summer to see if i avoid early blight and Septoria lead spot, which was especially bad last year. i just need to learn to regulate the temperature a little better so my tomatoes are able to pollinate. This year the greenhouse tomatoes will be a bit of an experiment, so if they fail to produce tomatoes i'm not going to be that bummed. 

So far i've been harvesting salad greens and asparagus.  Broccoli will be ready to harvest soon. My radishes bolted again, but i replanted and am hoping they'll do better this time around. i think i left them in the greenhouse too long.  It's all going to be a learning experience for sure.  i'm excited about it though, and very optimistic. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Morel hunting with a bit of Magic.

 Morel hunting is one my favorite spring activities. As soon as the soil warms up, i'm out hiking the woods behind our house almost every morning looking for morels.  Morel season is tricky, as the mushrooms are very sensitive to weather and need specific growing conditions to grow.  We first stumbled upon a patch of morels the first year we moved here, and have been addicted to hunting them ever since.

Morel season tends to start around the end of of March first week of April here.  i've found most morels on our land between the second week of April and first week of May, This year we had a pretty heavy frost at the beginning of April, and it seemed to affect the season.  i went out several times, and finally found a handful of grays. 

Morel season always coincides with the beginning of asparagus season. The two go well together, and if i don't have enough morel to bread and fry i usually make an omelet with them or add them to a homemade pizza.  This year, morel season was really disappointing.  All of my favorite spots were pretty dry. i only found around 5 in the spot i considered my 'honey hole'. i didn't find any in my old spots, where i usually still find a few each year. 

Mother's Day morning i went out on a hike alone determined to find morels. i checked all my old spots again and lots of new spots. i was all over the woods.  After 1.5 hours of looking, i finally admitted defeat. Before heading home i made a plea to the fairies of the forest.

 "Today is Mother's day, i only need to find one and then i'll be on my way...".

 i look down and less than one foot away is this giant morel. It was over 6" tall.

It was the perfect beginning to a wonderful day.  There is a magic in the forest that can't really be explained. If you sit quietly and listen you can hear the whispering among the trees. Perhaps it's the voices of our ancestors, the spirit of the forest, the fairies that play there or the energy that many refer to as god or mother nature... i don't really know the answer, but i do know it is there. 

"Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
 -Roald Dahl

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Generation Good-Healthy Baby Home Party kit has arrived!

Back in February i posted about Seventh Generation's Healthy baby home party kits and the Generation good online community.

What is Generation Good? Being a member of the Generation good community is an opportunity to exchange ideas and tips with other parents and likeminded folks who care about raising a toxin-free generation. You’ll be able to participate in discussions, share your feedback and opinions on all things Seventh Generation and you can complete surveys that help them better understand you and what you’re looking for.

As a member of Generation good, i sometimes receive different missions to apply for and complete. Often times the missions are to try out new product samples and give my feedback. Applying to host a Healthy baby party is one of those missions.   i filled out the mission survey and i was chosen to host a party!  i just  recently received my Healthy Baby home party kit in the mail! How exciting!

The box is packed full of goodies and samples to handout at your party. There are brochures with information about common toxins found in most cleaning supplies,  a bingo game to play at your party, and lots of great coupons. 

So what all is in the kit? The kit comes with sample bags for 12 guests. Each bag will get a sample of baby wipes, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, flower seeds from American Meadows,  baby cough syrup sample from Zarbee's Naturals, Plum Organics mighty mealtime packet and a packet of coupons. The kit also comes with a full size Seventh generation dishwashing liquid soap,  full size Seventh generation pack of baby wipes, full size Seventh generation pack of diapers, and a Bobble infuse reusable filtered water bottle.  The host may chose one item to keep for themselves, and the other items are for bingo prizes. How fun is that?  

i'm not usually a fan of home parties, especially sales parties, but i do love giving away freebies. :) i also really do love Seventh Generation products, so it's easy for me to share my passion about them. i'm planning to host my party at the playground, so folks can bring their kids and the moms can hang out, chat about the different products and play some bingo.  i'm planning to have cupcakes and snacks and maybe add some chocolate to the goodie bags. :)  If i have any sample bags left over, i plan to do a little giveaway on here so one of my readers has a chance to try out the products. 

Seventh Generation is still looking for folks to host parties. If you are interested in hosting your own party, head over to the Generation Good website to sign up!