Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yep, more bendy dolls and some progress on gifts.

Here is a few more bendy dolls i recently finished. i need to figure out how to get some clearer pictures that are not so washed out and then i'll be putting them up on Etsy and my website. This little lady has Auburn hair and an embroidered apron. She is $10 shipped first class.

i have been having lots of fun painting tiny cupcakes, loaves of bread and cakes. This is my first double layer cake. i need to work on my painting skills, but i still think it turned out rather cute. Accessories are available with each doll for an additional charge. Just let me know what your interested in and i can put together a package/price.

Another little mermaid. $10 shipped first class.

i posted this little gnome girl last week, but i made a boy and a baby bendy and wanted to put together an example of a family. i don't like the gnome boys shorts, and will be replacing them with longer pants. i haven't yet made a 'child' bendy, but you can expect to see them soon. Then i'll be offer custom family slots. i can do elves, gnomes, fairy and mermaid families. Families will start at $25.

This is the second boy gnome i made, and i really love the way he turned out. i made him a tiny messenger bag, and walking stick. He also has an embroidered leaf on his hat. i'm asking $15 shipped for him. His messenger bag has a bead/loop closure and actually opens and closes.

Pink and Purple Fairy with over sized wings. $10 shipped first class.

Here is an example of custom bendies. These were requested by my kiddoes. Custom doll pricing will depend on details and accessories. If interested just send me a personal.

My son adores the Wizard i made him, and requested a set of knights, King Aurthur, a castle and a dragon. :) That gave me some ideas for Yule gifts for him. My girl is easy, but my boy is getting a bit too old for many of my homemade gifts..or so i thought. i searched around for some examples of felt or crocheted dragons. i found some amazing examples at i'm really tempted to try a crocheted dragon, but i really am not good at reading patterns.

i stopped at Michael's craft store again, to pick up a few things and was thrilled to find this castle bird house (on sale for $3.99) and this paint-your-own dragon. i think they'll go really well with the bendy dolls. i'll need to make the door a bit bigger and that could be challenging, but i'm not too worried. i'm going to paint the castle and have it decorated. i haven't decided whether to paint the dragon or leave it as it, and let him paint it himself. i may still attempt a felt or crocheted dragon, but i can already see this set coming together and it's going to be pretty cool. :)
Also, for a quick update on my daughter's fairy tea party playset, i finally found the flower stickers i wanted for the inside of the box. i need to do a bit more painting, a then it should be done. i was excited about actually having a head start on their gifts, but i have a feeling once i finish these i will start something else.


  1. LOVE all the bendy dolls mama!! my favs are the wizard, witch, & the mermaid....oh & the little mushrooms :c) too cute!!

  2. I love them! Tree, I want to order some for my niece. She love any thing princess.