Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Preparations and Costumes

This weekend we are starting to get in to the Halloween spirit.We have a bunch of Halloween activities planned, including the IVE fall festival and the Dugpur Halloween Carnival on Saturday.  Thee is also a Kids Fest at the Jacksonville center on Sunday and my boy really wants to go to Sinkland Farms  pumpkin festival.  

We also have costumes to finish, pumpkins to carve and spooky foods to make.  i'm not sure we are going to make it all of the local Halloween events this weekend, but we're going still going to have a ton of fun!

We have already started carving a few of our pumpkins, although we are saving the big ones for this weekend.  The small pumpkins came from our garden, the huge ones were dropped off by the Fall fairy. We still do not know where they came from.  :)

 The kids cleaned out their pumpkins without any help. They love the feel of the pumpkin guts. My boy designed and carved his own pumpkin. My girl designed hers, but need a little help with the actual carving.

This is my girl's cat pumpkin. :)  It had a really long, slight curved stem. So we took the stem off the top and stuck it on the back to look like a cat tail.

 My boy did a great job with his pumpkin!   Afterwards we roasted up the seeds and completely devoured them.  We all love roasted pumpkin seeds!

Quite a while ago my son decided he wanted to be an Ent for Halloween.  i was really glad that this wasn't a last minute decision. In the past he's been good for changing his mind the day before Halloween. :)  i love the idea of an Ent, but knew it was going to be somewhat tricky to pull off.  A couple weeks ago, i  decided i better get started on it now and give myself a head start.

 This is one of those things i didn't plant out a head of time. i just jumped in and started creating it.  i made a basic mask template.   Then went outside and checked all our firewood for usable bark. Several of the logs have a nice paper bark that peels off in big pieces and is very light weight. So we glued them on, layered them a little where necessary and used some Spanish moss for the beard. It came together quickly, and really looked pretty good!

Just to get an idea of how it would look we tried it on and snapped a picture. The bark print fabric won't sit like this in the actual costume. i made it into pants, and didn't have enough fabric for a shirt. i have a mossy green sweater that he'll probably wear and we'll embellish it with vines and leaves. 

He had an old pair of shoes that we are going to cover in leaves. i also picked up some brown gloves that we can hot glue twigs and leaves too. This is one of the costumes we'll be putting together right before we leave the house.  :)   i think it'll be pretty neat though, and will definitely post photos when it is complete.

Now my girl wanted to be a Vampire princess, and i found the perfect dress at the thrift store for $1! Of course, yesterday she decided she'd rather be a pirate...Ack!  i think with a bandana, sword, eye patch and hat we can easily transform the vampire dress into a pirate. Should be interesting! i'll be posting pictures next week.  

i was hoping for good weather, but after checking it looks like it will be bitter cold  Halloween night. Hopefully the costumes will still be recognizable under winter coats!! 


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