Saturday, April 16, 2016

Titanium Pruning Shears By Haus & Garten

Last week i received these #Hausandgarten  Classic titanium bypass pruning shears in exchange for a blog/amazon review. i was really excited to try them out, but the weather was not cooperating. After having wonderful spring temperatures the first week of April, the temperature dropped and we had snow over the weekend!  

So, it's not that much of a surprise. When ever i start getting spring fever and have the urge to plant my garden prematurely i remind myself that every year i get a picture of snow on my daffodils. Every year. So there is it.  My daffodil picture, and hopefully the last snow of the season. :)   This week we finally got outside and started some of the yard work, which included pruning may of the trees and vines on our property. The Titanium Pruning shears by Haus & Garten are incredibly well made and very high quality. The blade is very sharp and much heavier than the blade on other shears i have used. 

On our homestead we have many fruit trees, shrubs and berry bushes that need to be pruned at different times through out the seasons. My raspberries, blueberries and some of the new fruit trees we put in last fall had dead branches on them that needed to be removed, so i tried these out on them. These shears cut through stems and branches (up to 1/4" thick) very easily, thicker branches require a bit more pressure and effort, but still cut smoothly.  My husband used them to prune some of the ornamental trees and grapevines and was very impressed with their performance.  i have small hands and my husband has large hands, and these worked well for both of us.

One of the nice things about these shears is that they have an all metal construction including the locking mechanism. The body and handles are made from aluminum and they have a high-tempered carbon steel titanium blade coated for a durable sharper cutting edge.  They have a metal spring to automatically open the blades after every cut which is really nice. They also have an integrated wire cutting notch, which i'm sure will come in handy. The handles are designed ergonomically for a comfortable grip and with a non-slip coating. 

 They are a great tool for any gardener. The quality is apparent the first time you use them.  i feel like they will last so much longer than the shears we've purchased in the past (and replaced often).  i'm very happy with this product and recommend them to anyone who is looking for good quality gardening shears.  If you are interested to purchase or learn about them you can check them out on  

*i received a pair of these shears free in exchange for my honest review, my opinions are my own.


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